Refresh Your Water… A Healthy Fresher Alternative

Everyone knows you should drink more water.  Most people don’t drink enough.  I’m the first to admit that it gets boring drinking plain ole water. So my answer is to boost the health benefits and the taste of my water and I actually drink much more of it.  Variety is key here.  I felt the […]

Lemon Ginger Tea

Patients always ask me for little things they can do to shift closer to total wellness without turning over the apple cart or stressing them out about everything that they eat.  So, this is one of those things that you can do that has great health benefits for everyone.  Start your day with freshly made […]

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Small Substitutions

I always teach that small tweaks whether in our diet or exercise lead to revolutionary change.  We as humans don’t respond well to turning our life upside down to follow some new exercise craze or diet fad.  It lasts about a week, maybe two if you’re determined and then we “fail.”  I know if someone […]

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