Healthy Food Substitutions: Summer Edition

You know I’ve talked about making healthy transitions to your life before.  This isn’t an all or nothing endevour.  Cold turkey rarely is successful.  And, hey, if it works for you, you’re a rock star so rock on!  But for most of us the way to successful change is a slow and gradual process that […]

Green Smoothie Recipe

Lookin’ down a tunnel of goodness! I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more smoothie and juicing recipes lately, so I’m going to try to throw a few new ones together. I tailored this one for a pre-workout.  You see the fruits give me simple carbs to help fuel a workout.  When I get […]

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Green Weight Loss Smoothie

Drinking a smoothie or juice as a meal substitute is a great way to cleanse your system, break your dependency on sugars and carbs, increase your whole food nutrition intake while increasing your raw food consumption. This is a smoothie that really fills you up. In a high powered blender, combine: 2 Handfuls of Spinach […]

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