Your Summer Refresh Plan

My recent post ushered in that Summer feeling.  I gave you a great Creamsicle refresher that will add high quality protein to your day or to start your day or even post-workout recovery.  I’m reminded by many of you that it’s that time.  You know… shorts & tank tops, sundresses and bathing suits for the pool and/or beach.  […]

Healthy Pumpkin… Latte vs. Spicy Smoothie

Well, it’s the season of all things pumpkin!  I love pumpkin and can’t wait for the weather to cool off because for me cool weather equals pumpkin.  In recent years it seems lots of food companies, and I use the term “food” loosely here, have realized how much we all love pumpkin and have begun […]

My Top Super Foods Picks for Smoothies

This is a list of my top 3 Super Foods that I’m obsessed with right now.  Now, to be clear there are so many excellent Super Foods to add to your rotation, but this is what I’m currently using a lot of these days.   Maca: Is Great for:  Minerals, Muscle Building, Bone Strength, Brain […]

Super Food Acai Smoothie

Super Food Acai Smoothie   I love this Smoothie! It is so refreshing and I love that I am getting so many Super Foods in one Glass! With the right combination of ingredients you can pack one powerful punch into just one glass.     Acai is a fruit from the Amazon that has super […]

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Cherry Smoothie Recipe

The Cherry Season is sooo short! I love fresh cherries and inhale as many as I can while they are available.  I made this yummy smoothie the other night and thought I would share it with you.  And a heads up FYI…you don’t taste the spinach in this so it is fantastic for kids that […]

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