MegaDosing Vitamin C for a Cold? A Better Option… Camu Camu

So, it’s that time of year when people get run down and start catching those colds and flus.  I wrote a couple of weeks ago about preventing the flu and stopping those immune busting behaviors.  Hopefully you are trying to utilize some of those!  However, I’m hearing a lot about people using Emergen C packets […]

10 Minute Easy Skillet Lunch

Everyone wants easy these days.  Easy & Quick actually.  I think this is part of the drive-thru/take out routine.  But, drive-thru and take out are not part of the eating real whole foods plan.  Let me just say that if you think when you get an order of fries all you get are potatoes, oil […]

Nut Butters!

Ok… so I love my nut butters, how about you?  If you read the “Healthy Snacks to Go” blog post then you know I recommend nut butters.  I have had some great feedback and people are doubling down on the nut butters whether its eating them with an apple, putting them in a smoothie or […]

Healthy Snacks to Go…Here’s Your List

All right now.  Most of you know that you need to change your eating habits or are in the constant throws of improving what you eat. You see, everyone that comes to work with me with whatever issue they are having whether it’s pain, fertility, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. they always put down “and weight […]

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3 Things To Improve Your Health Today

Hi Guys!  Listen to me, please.  You don’t have to turn your world upside down to “get healthy.”  My motto that I keep repeating is that you need to make small changes over time and that will lead to revolutionary changes in your health.  You don’t want to get frustrated and quit.  So, today I […]

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The Winter Blahs & How to Stay Motivated

It’s that weird time of year when your new year’s resolve may be waning and the Spring Summer season seems so far off while you’re wearing boots and winter wools. Many of my patients slack this time of year.  They get the “what’s the point” attitude.  They still have plenty of time to get back […]

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