Protein Pancakes

One of the best ways to manage overall health as well as weight, especially that mid-section, is to start your day with protein.  The protein first thing in the morning does a couple of things for you.  One it sets the tone for your blood sugar for the day.  If you start with protein it’s much […]

5 Tricks to Get You on the Wellness Wagon

Some people need a couple really clear guidelines to start on their wellness journey.  Others need to play tricks on themselves to get them started.  Once you grab a couple of directives and master them over the next few weeks it’s oh so much easier to make additional changes.  It’s always a feather in our […]

What’s in My Grocery Cart?

People are always asking me what I buy at the store.  They intend to buy healthy when they get there and then suddenly feel lost and confused on what to buy.  I usually stick to ingredients for protein & veggie meals, smoothies and juicing.  I have to keep it simple and easy. So, here is […]

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