Constipation… Yes, I said it!

Constipation is a problem for most people.  Even when people come in to get treatments for back pain or migraines, most people also, reluctantly, admit to a constipation problem.  But, there are many that won’t admit to a constipation issue because they go every two or three days and say, well that’s normal for them.  […]

“Freedom lies in being Bold” – Robert Frost

Here’s a little New Years Eve thought for you to consider.  I like this quote…it’s so true. “Freedom lies in being bold.”  – Robert Frost Be bold this year.  Too many people are bland, they live bland, they think bland, they are bland. Whether it is your job, your family, being a parent or spouse,  […]

4 Steps to Heal Your Nervous System & Your Health

Today’s definition of health is a bit skewed in my book.  It seems that people think they are healthy if they aren’t fighting cancer or tracking their meds on an Excel Sheet.  Actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  If you have cancer or a cabinet full of meds, you have been unhealthy for […]

How to Get More Nutrients from the Food You Eat

You know you need to reduce/eliminate sugar and artificial sweetners.  You know you need to eliminate gluten and reduce or eliminate grains. You know your plate should be mostly vegetables. You get that and you’re working on it. (Pause for proud moment for you…go ahead and pat yourself on the back!!).  You are eliminating processed […]

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My Sunflower Date Recipe!

This has become my go to snack lately.  It is so incredibly yummy and gives me an amazing energy boost.  It is, of course, all whole food and full of nutrition to power you through your day or workout. In fact, some studies show that 1 mg of dates gives the body the energy equal to […]

My Top Super Foods Picks for Smoothies

This is a list of my top 3 Super Foods that I’m obsessed with right now.  Now, to be clear there are so many excellent Super Foods to add to your rotation, but this is what I’m currently using a lot of these days.   Maca: Is Great for:  Minerals, Muscle Building, Bone Strength, Brain […]

Small Substitutions

I always teach that small tweaks whether in our diet or exercise lead to revolutionary change.  We as humans don’t respond well to turning our life upside down to follow some new exercise craze or diet fad.  It lasts about a week, maybe two if you’re determined and then we “fail.”  I know if someone […]

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Alkalinity? I’ve Heard the Hype, now what is it Exactly?

The body desires a more alkaline state to be really healthy. When we get more acidic then inflammation occurs and we open ourselves up to inflammation, pain & disease.  The more acidic, the more inflammation and disease. The more alkaline, the less inflammation and disease. Period. How do we get there? All of the processed food […]

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