Green Happy Juice Recipe

I found a great new green juice recipe.  Of course I needed to tweak it a bit to bend to my rules (a little less fruit) and my palate. This juice made me very happy drinking it.  I felt sooo good about myself as it was going down, do you know what I mean?!  It just […]

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Green Smoothie Recipe

Lookin’ down a tunnel of goodness! I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more smoothie and juicing recipes lately, so I’m going to try to throw a few new ones together. I tailored this one for a pre-workout.  You see the fruits give me simple carbs to help fuel a workout.  When I get […]

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Why I Juice

With the classes I have been teaching here locally, I’m getting a lot of “Why should I juice?”  “What will juicing do for me?”  So here’s a quick why for you… 1. Feed Your Body. People eat mostly processed food.  You start with cereal, then you have a drive thru burger and fries, maybe a […]

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