5 Easy Food Tweaks to Improve Your Health

I’ve put together a little list of cool facts that might encourage or in some cases discourage you from eating certain foods.  I mean, if you know how great a particular food is for you, aren’t you more likely to pick it up at the store or farmers market?! 1. Broccoli Leaves.  Yes, the leaves. They […]

Extra Extra Acupuncture Works!

Well of course it works! But, it’s always nice to see new research.  I’ve studied this medicine for years and I see it work every day. If I wasn’t getting results, I wouldn’t be doing this.   Yet, so many people in this country want scientific proof of everything.  Acupuncture is a hard medicine to study.  Sham […]

2 Big Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Miss Your Sleep!

Nobody gets enough sleep anymore.  It’s dangerous too.   People drive in a fog.  Many studies have shown that lack of sleep slows your reflexes and responses like having one too many cocktails!  How do you enjoy life when you’re always dragging?  What about those unsightly bags under your eyes?  You forget things when you’re too […]

Nature’s Pain Reliever

Mother Nature has provided some pretty good pain relievers for us.  PS this doesn’t include ibuprofen, naproxen or other stronger prescription pain relievers.  I will say before I start to always remember that acupuncture is a pretty powerful pain reliever. But…between appointments if you need to reach for a pain reliever, try reaching for a […]

Hemorrhoids… Yes I’m going there!

Ugh… something lots of people struggle with but nobody wants to talk about…Hemorrhoids.  I’m addressing it right now.  I see so many people not wanting to talk about it and let it go until it’s a painful ugly situation.  There is no need to sweep it under the rug until you’re in a dire circumstance. […]

Bone Broth…Why You Need It & How To Make It

Bone broth is something everybody used to do “in the olden days.”  My grandmother always did it as did her grandmother.  It’s just what you did back then.  You didn’t just throw bones or carcasses away, you boiled them.  This is how you used to make stock for soups and sauces, not buy processed broth […]

The Skinny on Picking the Right Food

Just about everyone wants to eat right for their health and their weight.  However…most people don’t always make the best choices to do so.  It’s a lot of what foods you pick, but also when you eat those foods throughout the day. I see articles in magazines all of the time comparing this item to […]

Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian…Oh My!

People on the street always ask me what “Diet” I follow.  Of course patients in the office are afraid to ask thinking I’ll put them on some restrictive deprivation type diet.  But seriously, what “Diet” is best for you?  Well, that’s a loaded question and it just depends on you. First of all, I hate […]

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