Spring Cleanses & Detoxes

Well, it’s March which is officially spring (even if there are still blizzards up North)!  Spring is always the time of year for cleansing.  We spring clean the yard, the garage, the closets, and the house. What we should be spring cleaning too… is our bodies. In November & December we tend to over indulge. […]

Non Toxic Cookware

In my quest to detox your life, I’m going into your kitchen today.  So many people use Teflon pans.  I mean, who wants to scrub a burnt on char from a conventional pan?  I don’t know how chefs do it, but I just always seem to burn food in regular pans.  The only answer is […]

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New Year Detox Part 3

In Part 1 we talked about the every day exposure to toxins and our toxin load.  In Part 2 we talked about our internal detoxification pathways and what happens when they get bogged down.  In particular, we talked about the incredible liver and how it neutralizes and disposes of toxins that get into our system.  Now we […]

New Year Detox Part 1

One of the most frequently asked questions at the new year is “Do I need a detox?”  It seems to be the great debate.  Your traditional western medical doctor usually says you don’t need a detox because your body was made with a built in detox mechanism.  So, who’s right?  Well… both actually. Let me […]

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Is Organic Food Worth the Money?

I get arguments from people all the time that say organic food is just more money and not worth the price of investment.  It’s still  an apple either way, right?  Well, that may be debatable for some foods.  Studies come out and contradict each other constantly.  It can be very confusing.  Some studies compare flavor, some compare vitamins, and […]

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Food Cures: How To Detox Heavy Metals with Food

I see two sets of people. One set comes to me thinking they need to detox everything possible all of the time.  These people want to try every detox under the sun.  It’s my opinion that you don’t want to use harsh detoxes all of the time.  If a situation warrents a detox then I’m […]

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