Importance of Food

I recently started watching “Chew on This…TED Talks.”  This great presentation by famed chef Jamie Oliver was spot on!!!  Our kids are living a shorter life span than we are today.  Food is the root of this crisis. Let Jamie give you some insight and some shocking video in his short talk. What people don’t […]

Fall’s Braised Fruit & Cabbage

I recently found a braised cabbage recipe and have been playing with it for a couple of weeks.  At first I was going to play with it because I thought it sounded good for you, but would probably not be too tasty.  Boy was I wrong, this recipe is really good.  It is so tasty!  […]

The Low Down on Bars…Which Ones Are Healthy?

I see so many people obsessed with bars.  I’m all about eating real whole foods, that is the cleanest and best form of food and nutrition.  The more processed your ingredients are the worse they are for you in terms of nutrition.  Plus the more processed they are the more likely they will cause some […]

Healthy Food Substitutions: Summer Edition

You know I’ve talked about making healthy transitions to your life before.  This isn’t an all or nothing endevour.  Cold turkey rarely is successful.  And, hey, if it works for you, you’re a rock star so rock on!  But for most of us the way to successful change is a slow and gradual process that […]

How To Choose Healthy Fruits & Veggies…Look out GMO’s & Pesticides

As most of you know it’s my goal to get everyone eating real whole foods and eliminate the processed foods from your diet. So, I know that most of you are trying to buy more food directly from the butcher and the produce department or farm stand.  High fives to you.  But, how do you […]

Protein Pancakes

One of the best ways to manage overall health as well as weight, especially that mid-section, is to start your day with protein.  The protein first thing in the morning does a couple of things for you.  One it sets the tone for your blood sugar for the day.  If you start with protein it’s much […]

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