Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Pain… I thought I might chime in on this subject.  I was recently reading a newsletter that had some pretty interesting quotes.  Check this out… Globally, 1 out of 10 people suffer from lower back pain.  It’s also the number 1 cause of job disability worldwide. In the US, back pain accounts for 10% […]

Catching A Cold?

Well, it’s that time a year again when everyone is catching a cold.  Often times during this time of year it’s easy for a cold to turn into Bronchitis or Pneumonia.  Don’t let this happen to you! Two things tend to happen here.  Either you call to cancel your appointment because you have a cold […]

Acupuncture News

A couple of new studies came out in the last month supporting acupuncture’s benefits in treating various diseases.  I usually post studies relating to Pain, Sports or Fertility issues because honestly that is the bulk of what I treat. But, I wanted to remind you all that Chinese Medicine is all inclusive.  You can utilize […]

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Here’s a great testimonial from the Facebook Page (Aug 2013).  A great testimonial as to the amazing benefits of cupping.  I love hearing these stories… “Oh My!! The cupping was AMAZING!! My neck, back, and shoulders haven’t felt so good in years. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you so much for all the work […]

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Cupping, Cupping, Cupping

Wow!  Cupping is becoming all the rage, in Hollywood at least! More and more celebrities are being photographed with their cupping marks. Here’s a link to a recent article in the Los Angeles Herald about the number of celebrities and athletes showing off their cupping marks in the media. I would just like to reiterate a […]

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What is Cupping

The Art of Cupping. What is it exactly people ask me. The theory goes that it forces the qi and blood to move.  Just as massage kneads the body to get things loose and moving, cupping uses a suction action to create the movement.  It’s a bit like getting the vacuum attached to you.  Honestly, […]

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