10+ Benefits of This Summer Super Food

I went to Whole Foods over the weekend and was  excited to see one of my favorite summer snacking foods had arrived and looked plump and fresh…Black Grapes!  I love these things!  I got addicted to these when I first discovered them while I was living in Austin.  It makes them that much more special […]

Constipation… Yes, I said it!

Constipation is a problem for most people.  Even when people come in to get treatments for back pain or migraines, most people also, reluctantly, admit to a constipation problem.  But, there are many that won’t admit to a constipation issue because they go every two or three days and say, well that’s normal for them.  […]

Detoxes for the New Year

It’s the New Year and everyone is about the Detox, especially after the excesses of the Holidays!  Well, all detoxes are different. You have to be specific as to what your goal is right now.  You may want to do and intestinal detox, a chemical detox or a liver detox. What’s your pleasure? Intestinal Detoxes […]

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