Beauty & Power Dust Herbals

I have found a great new company with a great concept, so great I wish I had thought of it!  The company is Moon Juice and it is out of Venice, CA.  If you are local, they have cafes with juices, teas, herbs & snacks.  I highly recommend you pay them a visit.  However, if […]

Is Stress Making You Sick & Hormonal?

Stress, it’s that time of year.  The holidays bring on a lot of stress.  Whether it’s family holiday drama, money concerns for gifting or an over-committed social calendar, the holidays are ripe for stress.  The bad part is that stress can do more harm to your body than you probably realize. You see, when you […]

Cancer…A Case For Eating Real Food

I  recently read an article in Harpers Bazaar regarding Health. It had me thinking.  I read articles like this frequently.  They always focus on a “food” and how it helps cure, treat, &/or prevent diseases like diabetes, heart disease  and cancer.  This article had great information, don’t get me wrong. The article quoted research on […]

Most Important Food Documentaries For Your Health

I put this list of documentaries together for you for two reasons.  One is that most people take some time off between Christmas and New Years, so you might carve out some extra time. The second reason is that this is the time of year for reflection and taking a hard look at ourselves and […]

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