2 Big Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Miss Your Sleep!

Nobody gets enough sleep anymore.  It’s dangerous too.   People drive in a fog.  Many studies have shown that lack of sleep slows your reflexes and responses like having one too many cocktails!  How do you enjoy life when you’re always dragging?  What about those unsightly bags under your eyes?  You forget things when you’re too […]

How Fat Are We?… Exactly

We know that most Americans are either overweight or downright obese.  This is bad enough in and of itself, but with this comes a whole slew of medical issues.  When you are overweight or obese you are at a much higher risk for Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular Disease  and of course Chronic Pain.  […]

The Sunshine Vitamin…The Case For Vitamin D

I have talked about Vitamin D in the past, but just wanted to revisit it because I get so many comments about it in the Center here with my patients. We know Vitamin D mostly as the Sunshine Vitamin.  Trouble is that unless you live in specific parts of the world, Vitamin D isn’t always […]

Can Sitting Too Much Kill You?

Have you been hearing about all the research that is coming out about sitting?   We used to be a nation of doers, now we’re a nation of sitters. We are now seeing that not only do we not eat actual real food out of the garden like we did back in the good ole days, […]

Superfoods: What Are They & Why You Need Them Part 1

Superfoods don’t just have one or two health promoting properties, but a dozen or more.  Superfoods are both food and medicine and yet aren’t completely classified as either, but maybe both.  They are the most potent, nutrient rich, and concentrated nutrition on the planet. You get more bang for your buck than regular foods like broccoli. Superfoods […]

Do You Know Your FBG#?

Fasting Blood Glucose.  This is a number you should get to know.  You should be testing it once a year along with your Vitamin D level.  These two tests should be included with your yearly blood test screenings.  Keeping these two numbers within healthy ranges is some of the best preventative measures you can take […]

The Skinny on Picking the Right Food

Just about everyone wants to eat right for their health and their weight.  However…most people don’t always make the best choices to do so.  It’s a lot of what foods you pick, but also when you eat those foods throughout the day. I see articles in magazines all of the time comparing this item to […]

10+ Benefits of This Summer Super Food

I went to Whole Foods over the weekend and was  excited to see one of my favorite summer snacking foods had arrived and looked plump and fresh…Black Grapes!  I love these things!  I got addicted to these when I first discovered them while I was living in Austin.  It makes them that much more special […]

Anti-Aging: Do This One Thing To Slow Aging

The one thing in this world that really ages us and we consume WAY too much of it… Sugar. We spend billions a year on procedures to turn the clock back.  We spend even more on lotions, potions and tools to do the same.  What nobody thinks about is what you are doing everyday to negate […]

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