Health, Hormones & Metabolism

To have Health, you need balanced Hormones and a good Metabolism.  There is a formula to this.  The basis is you need to eat right and exercise.  At some point you may have fluctuations that will require dietary adjustments &/or supplements.  I find that everyone just wants a pill for it.  This will NEVER get […]

2 Big Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Miss Your Sleep!

Nobody gets enough sleep anymore.  It’s dangerous too.   People drive in a fog.  Many studies have shown that lack of sleep slows your reflexes and responses like having one too many cocktails!  How do you enjoy life when you’re always dragging?  What about those unsightly bags under your eyes?  You forget things when you’re too […]

Sugar: How Sweet It Is

Most everyone in this country by now has grown up eating tons of sugar.  Am I right?  It’s difficult to curb a long held sweet tooth.  I’ve written about ending sugar cravings in the blog before (2 Tricks To End Sugar Cravings).  However, there are times you just want something sweet, the Holidays and Birthdays […]

Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Well, since it’s Thanksgiving in a couple of days, I thought I would bring you some health benefits of pumpkin, because I know you will be eating it for the next couple of weeks.  Just remember that pumpkin pie has sugar so don’t eat a whole pie!  Besides, you don’t need a whole pie to […]

Cinnamon Roll Smoothie

Yum a cinnamon roll.  Who doesn’t love a cinnamon roll, right?!  Well, when you dig in you find them to be full of processed sugars and chemicals whether you get the ones that smell so good in a mall or make them at home from that can that pops open.  They just aren’t good for […]

Spice Up Your Life

One of my main goals is to get everyone to eat actual real whole foods and nothing processed or packaged.  Your meals should consist of some sort of protein with veggies, a little fruit with plenty of healthy fats.  So people start eating plain chicken with a veggie side every day and get bored and […]

Stress…Is it Stressing You?

When I ask people if they’re stressed it’s sort of a loaded question.  Either people say yes because they are feeling very anxious, nervous, angry, or are experiencing insomnia.  But some people claim to be fine and are just dealing with life stuff like everyone.  I also talk to those people that say they only […]

10+ Benefits of This Summer Super Food

I went to Whole Foods over the weekend and was  excited to see one of my favorite summer snacking foods had arrived and looked plump and fresh…Black Grapes!  I love these things!  I got addicted to these when I first discovered them while I was living in Austin.  It makes them that much more special […]

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