Healthy Food Substitutions: Summer Edition

You know I’ve talked about making healthy transitions to your life before.  This isn’t an all or nothing endevour.  Cold turkey rarely is successful.  And, hey, if it works for you, you’re a rock star so rock on!  But for most of us the way to successful change is a slow and gradual process that […]

10 Steps to an Anti-Aging Lifestyle

A couple of weeks ago I published an article on anti-aging and our most popular “Ager,” SUGAR.  It was extremely popular and I got a lot of feedback on it, so I decided to put together a list of 10 things we can start doing, besides reducing our sugar intake, that will help to slow the […]

What’s in My Grocery Cart?

People are always asking me what I buy at the store.  They intend to buy healthy when they get there and then suddenly feel lost and confused on what to buy.  I usually stick to ingredients for protein & veggie meals, smoothies and juicing.  I have to keep it simple and easy. So, here is […]

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