Acupuncture News

Good stuff in Acupuncture News this month.  I have attached two links for you to explore. The first link is a short, very short, video by Marlo Thomas.  Marlo has a web series on health for the Huffington Post. In this clip she interviews Dr. Oz on acupuncture.  One of her viewers wrote in asking […]

Sports Drinks & Energy Goo Oh My!

Like I promised, I’m back with my Sports Drink and Energy Goo recipes! Let’s just revisit sports drinks.  You see most people drink Gatorade or the like with any workout.  This just kills me for two reasons. Reason #1 is that most people don’t workout enough to need an electrolyte sports drink to rehydrate.  80% […]

Acupuncture News

A couple of new studies came out in the last month supporting acupuncture’s benefits in treating various diseases.  I usually post studies relating to Pain, Sports or Fertility issues because honestly that is the bulk of what I treat. But, I wanted to remind you all that Chinese Medicine is all inclusive.  You can utilize […]

Acupuncture In The News

Hey people, Good News, a few new stories about acupuncture have hit the news. The first is in regards to acupuncture & pregnancy rates in women undergoing IVF. Also concerning fertility and women’s health, there is additional research that concerns acupuncture’s success in treating women with infertility & PCOS as well as a study with menopausal women and […]

Cupping, Cupping, Cupping

Wow!  Cupping is becoming all the rage, in Hollywood at least! More and more celebrities are being photographed with their cupping marks. Here’s a link to a recent article in the Los Angeles Herald about the number of celebrities and athletes showing off their cupping marks in the media. I would just like to reiterate a […]

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Athletes Use Acupuncture…Why not You?

Thought I would just share this item that hit the news.  The Denver Post ran an article on Jeremy Adams, one of Colorado’s basketball players. Adams is a big dude at 6’5″ and 220.  The problem was his patella tendons in both knees were limiting his playing time, sometimes not more than 10 minutes at […]

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