Liver Health…Why You Should Care

The liver has a very big job in the body.  It performs over 500 biochemical jobs and sometimes over 200 at the same time! Without the liver we wouldn’t have red blood cells, immune cells, hormones, amino acids or protein.   It cleans the blood, it’s involved in digestion and it stores the excess sugar that you take in […]

Top 3 Weight Loss Mistakes

1. Misread how many calories you burned during a workout.  I always recommend that you wear a heartrate monitor.  People in general think they work much harder than they actually do.  The machines at the gym are not accurate measures.  You need a heartrate monitor set specifically to your body to get an accurate read […]

Superfoods: What Are They & Why You Need Them Part 1

Superfoods don’t just have one or two health promoting properties, but a dozen or more.  Superfoods are both food and medicine and yet aren’t completely classified as either, but maybe both.  They are the most potent, nutrient rich, and concentrated nutrition on the planet. You get more bang for your buck than regular foods like broccoli. Superfoods […]

10 Steps to an Anti-Aging Lifestyle

A couple of weeks ago I published an article on anti-aging and our most popular “Ager,” SUGAR.  It was extremely popular and I got a lot of feedback on it, so I decided to put together a list of 10 things we can start doing, besides reducing our sugar intake, that will help to slow the […]

Anti-Aging: Do This One Thing To Slow Aging

The one thing in this world that really ages us and we consume WAY too much of it… Sugar. We spend billions a year on procedures to turn the clock back.  We spend even more on lotions, potions and tools to do the same.  What nobody thinks about is what you are doing everyday to negate […]

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