Stress…Is it Stressing You?

When I ask people if they’re stressed it’s sort of a loaded question.  Either people say yes because they are feeling very anxious, nervous, angry, or are experiencing insomnia.  But some people claim to be fine and are just dealing with life stuff like everyone.  I also talk to those people that say they only […]

Anti-Aging: Do This One Thing To Slow Aging

The one thing in this world that really ages us and we consume WAY too much of it… Sugar. We spend billions a year on procedures to turn the clock back.  We spend even more on lotions, potions and tools to do the same.  What nobody thinks about is what you are doing everyday to negate […]

Are You Fat, Sick & Tired?

Hi all. I’m sure you all are familiar with lack of sleep.  It is one of the most common complaints on the intake form here in the clinic.  I ask how many hours you get each night and typically people respond with between 4 & 6 hours.  Oh, and do you wake up during the […]

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