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videostretchHow to resolve Stress, Overwhelm, Foggy Thinking, Congestion, and Muscle Tightness?

Get UPSIDE DOWN or Downside Up!

Inversions can do a lot for the body, and you don’t have to do a handstand or a headstand!  There are ways to get upside down that are accessible to everyone. In this video, I show you several ways to get into an inversion, that everyone can do, which will help all of the above.  I try to do these at least once a day.  But… more times than not, I’m doing these throughout my day.

The beauty of an inversion is that it gets the qi & blood flowing.  The spine opens up, qi and blood flush the brain (which we sort of need to think clearly, let alone be creative), muscles get flushed which means they loosen up, and miraculously, if your congested, it begins to clear.  That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

These modified inversions that I demonstrate also really stretch those hamstrings, which tend to shrink up on us if we sit for more than 20 minute increments.

Take a look and try it! (Click here to see video). You’ll feel so much better and be glad you did!

Leave me comments, questions, like the video or share it.

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#1 Stretch for Low Back Pain

My #1 stretch for low back pain is the hip flexor low lunge stretch.  This is great to relieve low back pain, sciatica pain and hip pain.

The hip flexors from your quads go through your pelvis and attach on the lumbar spine.  When these get really tight, they tend to pull on the lumbar which makes the lumbar spine, the discs, the nerves coming out of the spine, and the muscles very unhappy.  Then they agitate the muscles in the low back which just make things worse.

Why would your hip flexors be tight?  Well, we sit too much basically.  We sit on the couch, we sit at the desk, we sit in the car, and we usually sleep with our knees drawn up at night.  This allows those hip flexors to tighten up.  Now, when you do stand up tall and straighten and stretch, these hip flexors a tad too short.  This causes them to pull on that lumbar.  A side effect here is also you tend to get a forward tilting pelvis in the process.  This adds to the discomfort.

So, take a couple of minutes each day and try this stretch.  You can even do it while you watch TV at night. It only takes about 2 minutes each side to help.  Of course you can do it longer if it feels good to you.

Of course, if you combine this stretch with acupuncture you get a great result.

Click through to watch the video to make sure you are using proper technique and that you are getting the most out of the stretch and are actually targeting those hip flexors.

Leave me questions or comments.  Like the video and feel free to share.

Try It!!!

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6 Ways To Improve Sleep & Improve Health

Sleep is a major commodity these days.  Just look at the volume of drug sales for prescription sleep aids.  Plus, this doesn’t take into account all of the over the counter sleep aids like Advil PM and the like.

Sleep is so important to overall health.  It is when our body repairs and regenerates, so if we lack sleep we age much faster.  It is also when the stress hormone cortisol drains out and your adrenals repair.  Without sleep the adrenals fatigue over time.  Sleep is also vital to the production and balance of anti-aging hormones like estrogen, testosterone and HGH.  If you want to live a long healthy life with balanced hormones and stay at your perfect weight, then you MUST have SLEEP!

CollagenglycineHere are 5 ways to improve sleep at night without taking pharmaceuticals.

    1. Melatonin. Some people love it some say it does nothing. Here’s the thing, most sublingual’s are about 3mg. Some people need up to 20 mg if they are severely deficient.  Yes, 20mg. Either get bloodwork to see how deficient you are or you can try to gradually increase your dose until you sleep like a baby. Don’t take one & give up.  If in doubt make an appointment with me or a knowledgeable doctor for guidance.  Sleep is too important to give up on.
    2. Epsom Salt Bath.  Try to take a soak in the evening before bed.  The water is soothing to the senses & promotes relaxation. The magnesium in the salt will readily absorb thru your skin which relaxes the muscles & settles the nerves.   The soak allows you to close your eyes & breath & release the stress of the day.  You can also add relaxing essential oils to further calm the mind & nerves.  Try different oils to find what works best for you.  Lavender, chamomile, frankincense, geranium, rose,  jasmine, ylang ylang, etc.  Play with it. It’s a great pre-bed ritual to utilize, especially on hectic over scheduled days.
    3. GABA. Living in todays busy, over-scheduled, list heavy, fast paced lifestyle, we live in a constant state of stress.  This can have a negative effect on GABA’s ability to surge at night.  Enough GABA allows your body & more importantly your brain to relax!  You know, the to-do lists churning in your head so you can’t sleep, or worse when it wakes you up in the middle of the night.  GABA helps to put the kibosh on that! I recommend the Tranquility formula which works like a champ for a lot of people w/ this issue.
    4. Collagen & Glycine.  Collagen is good for so many things, but in regards to sleep it’s effective because of its high content of the amino acid Glycine.  Take collagen in the evening to reap a laundry list of benefits plus improved sleep, or just supplement w/Glycine before bed.  Glycine helps you to have a restful sleep.  It appears this is especially important for people under stress. Studies show it helps aid people w/ high stress get a more restful & restorative sleep.  It’s also shown to benefit people w/ stress related belly fat.


5. Meditation & Relaxation.  There is so much existing & emerging research on meditation and health, anxiety, stress, creativity & SLEEP. There are many apps for your phone that help to guide you through meditation and/or relaxation.  Some popular ones are Relax Melodies: Sleep zen sounds, and Simply Being, Guided Meditation for Relaxation, which also has an entire bundle you can get that also includes guides for breathing, walking, and reducing stress.  The apps are anywhere from free to $1.99 to $15.99 for an entire of bundle of  8 meditation and relaxation guides.

    6. Blue Light Blockers.  Computer, ipad & cell phone use before bed disrupts your brain & wreaks havoc on your ability to sleep.  Best case, put your devices away! If you MUST use them, invest in blue blocker glasses.  They will help to reduce some of the brain stimulation.  I’m wearing glasses by Eyekepper that are available on Amazon.  I’m often times guilty of working on a device before bed so I try to minimize the brain disruption by wearing these.  Just a side note here… you may want to pick up a pair or two anyway for use while you sit at your computer.  Research is starting to show extended time looking at computers, pads & cell phones can contribute to macular degeneration.  Minimal investment Big reward. Try some of these tips and let me know how you do.
    If you have any questions about any of this information, or would like more information about any of the supplements or products I mention, just give us a call or email.
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Cinnamon Honey Tea

cinnamonteaThis is one of my little tricks that I’ll share with you.  When I feel like I might be getting sick, you know, swollen glands, scratchy throat, itchy nose, etc, I drink this tea.

First, there’s something about hot tea that seems to heal from the inside out.  Surely, you have experienced this.  Part of chicken soup is the hot broth, right?

Secondly, cinnamon is full of volatile oils and warms you up.  I almost feel like its burning the goobers up when it hits the inside. I’ve used cinnamon when I am sick since I was a kid.  My Mom used to give me cinnamon toast whenever I was sick and I always felt better at least temporarily after I ate it.

Third, honey is one of the those super foods with the most bang for your buck.  Just sit down and google health benefits of honey and you’ll be sitting there for hours reading.  It soothes the throat, stops coughing, clears phlegm, and helps fight the invaders.  THE WARNING WITH HONEY IS THIS…  You must buy raw local honey.  The honey sold in major retailers in those cute little honey bears is NOT honey at all.  If you want health benefits, you must buy raw local honey, otherwise you’re just swallowing refined sugar. This is ahoney picture of the honey in my cabinet right now.  Notice it says gathered locally in the Tampa Bay area, raw honey, un-filtered.  You usually can find these at farm stands, farmers markets and some local health food stores.  Is it more money than those cute bears? Yes, because it’s actual honey.

And for those you wondering if that’s all I do, no it’s not.  I also start taking Chuan Xin Lian.  If you don’t have it or something similar in your medicine cabinet, you should call to get yourself set up.



A mug full of hot water (no microwaving please!)

1 tsp of cinnamon

Let water cool slightly or put an ice cube in the water (we don’t want to kill the raw-ness & enzymes in the honey)

Stir in 1 Tbsp of raw local honey.


Let me know how you like it.

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Chia Seed Pudding

chiapudding1I like this recipe for chia seed pudding.  I have tried a few different combinations, but this one reminds me of that Kozy Shack tapioca pudding that I used to like so much as a kid.  This is a much healthier “pudding” with a long list of health benefits and it’s sans all the bad stuff.  Now this does have a little sugar in it in the form of pure maple syrup so don’t go crazy.  Sometimes you just need a little something sweet, but moderation is the key here.

I use a mason jar for this.  If you don’t have mason jars, you need to get a few because you can use them for a million things. I use these all the time.  If you food prep they are extremely handy to have.


10 oz  milk of choice (I use raw milk)

1/2 cup Chia Seeds

1/2 tsp Pink Salt

2 Teaspoons Pure Maple Syrup

1-2 Tsp Vanilla Extract (I like heavy vanilla, but satisfy your taste buds here.)

Stir together and let sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Enjoy.

Lately, I always have a jar in the refrigerator so that when I need something sweet I can have a few spoonfuls.  It’s very satisfying.

Of course this is a basic recipe, so you can modify as you like. Add cinnamon, add goji berries, add fruit if you like, make it your own and mix it up.

Let me know what you think.

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New Year Detox Part 3

Detox and loosing weight

In Part 1 we talked about the every day exposure to toxins and our toxin load.  In Part 2 we talked about our internal detoxification pathways and what happens when they get bogged down.  In particular, we talked about the incredible liver and how it neutralizes and disposes of toxins that get into our system.  Now we are ready to find out how to aid our body in its detoxification processes.

There are several ways we can go about helping our body to detox.  We can use food, supplements, oral chelation and IV chelation.  We should all be using food as a way to maintain our daily detoxification.  That should be a no brainer for most people now that you  see the amount of toxins you encounter every day. Taking Chlorella supplements and/or adding lots of cilantro, which are both natural chelators, to your meals is a good way to use food to help your body chelate and get rid of toxins and heavy metals on a daily basis.  If you find that you have a larger toxin load due to lifestyle or where you live, you may want to periodically use supplements or oral chelation to prevent an accumulation of toxins in your body.  I only would recommend IV chelation in life threatening situations.

First, let’s talk about Glutathione.  It is one of the most potent antioxidants in your body and is concentrated in your liver.   Unfortunately, you can’t just take a bottle of glutathione to boost your body’s levels because it isn’t absorbed well.  Instead, it is smart to increase your consumption of its precursors, the amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine.  By keeping these precursors available in your body, it will be able to make glutathione more readily.  Secondly, it’s smart to increase alpha lipoic acid (ALA).  ALA is also a potent antioxidant.  These two work together really well.  I like to describe their relationship like this… The glutathione goes into the ring to take on the toxins and beat them into submission.  Then between rounds or between fights, ALA is there to clean up and sort of recylcle the glutathione so that it can go back in the ring and take on more toxins.  The more you have of both, the better your body and liver will be at taking on those toxins.

Its smart to load up on food sources as your first line of defense.  Make sure you are taking in plenty of amino acids, but cysteine in particular.  It is the dominant amino acid in this equation.  Foods rich in cysteine include poultry, yogurt, egg yolks, garlic, onions and broccoli. I also like supplementing your smoothies with Collagen Peptides which are amino acids. All three glutathione precursors are abundant in Collagen. This is the Collagen that I use.  Foods rich in ALA include dark leafy greens, beef and organ meats.  In this country people tend to cringe at eating organ meats, including me, so I use Beef Liver supplements.  This is the one I use.

You can also use supplements to support the liver.  As I suggested above, I like to use the Collagen for the amino acids but you can also supplement with cysteine in capsule form as well as the alpha lipoic acid.  Both are easy to find in capsule form and often come in combination.  I have these available at my office, but you can find them at local health food stores.  I actually use an ayurvedic formula for liver support with my patients as well, so there are many options available.

The next step is to do chelation therapy. As I said, I would only do IV chelation for serious health issues.  Chelation therapy goes into the tissues, grabs, bind and eliminates toxins and heavy metals that are being stored. The risk, in my opinion, in IV chelation is that you are removing a large quantity of toxins in a very short amount of time which can be rough on the kidneys.   I would rather try an oral chelation, which does the same grab, bind and eliminate, but at a much slower pace that is easier on your body.

It’s best to work with a practitioner if you are going to opt for chelation.  Practitioner oversight can help prevent any negative side effects.  Chelation not only binds the bad but can bind the good minerals as well, so it’s best to follow a schedule set up by a practitioner to avoid any deficiencies.  Also, it is imperative to eat whole food fiber while chelating (and always really!), so that the bowels move out all of those toxins and not let them stand idle in the intestines.  Apples, oats, pears, nuts, etc. are all good for this.

In reviewing all three parts of this detox series, you should understand how important not only reducing your toxic load should be to you, but also how important it is to eat a balanced whole food diet. McDonalds and the like will never furnish you with the nutrients that are required to support your bodies own detoxification pathways.

If you have any questions, or would like to workout a detoxification plan, just let us know.


New Year Detox Part 2

Detox and loosing weight

We’re back for Part 2.  In Part 1 we talked about if there was a need to detox or not.  We discussed a very small example of the toxic chemicals in our every day lives.  In Part 2 we’ll talk about how the body detoxes itself and how we can help it to detoxify properly.

First, let’s talk about the incredible Liver!  The liver is a powerhouse of a workhorse.  It works 27/7, 365 and never stops.  I like to describe it as a strainer.  It strains all of what you don’t want either down the kitchen pipes (kidneys/urine) or in the garbage to be taken to the curb and hauled away (bowel movements).  The problem that it has is when the load is too large.  If you have a little sauce pan of pasta or veggies that you’re draining in the strainer, it strains just fine.  BUT, when you have a huge pot that takes two hands and lots of muscle to lift and pour over the strainer, I guarantee that you’re going to splash water everywhere. It’s going all over the sink, all over the counter and maybe even splashing onto the floor.  This is your liver on toxin overload.  When the liver can’t handle the load, it gets splashed all over the body. At this point the toxins can be stored in body fat, interfere with organ function, interfere with immune function and regular detox functions. Yikes!  Can you see the mess?  And the messy clean up?

When you start getting this overflow is when you start to develop symptoms of a high toxic load.  Some of the more common basic symptoms might include:

Fatigue/ Tired

Brain Fog

Puffy Face & Body


Muscle Pain

Tingling in the Hands and Feet

Unexplained Weight Gain

Some more serious symptoms may develop as the load increases, but these are basic signs and symptoms.

The best case scenario is for the liver to easily transform toxins into less harmful substances and eliminate them through the kidneys and intestines. This is one reason it is essential that you are drinking sufficient amounts of water to flush the kidneys properly and to keep the bowels moving daily, but especially during a detox.

The liver moves through various phases of detox.

Phase 1. The liver takes a toxin, adds antioxidants & enzymes to transform it into a less harmful substance.

Phase 2. The liver takes the less harmful substance and adds amino acids & enzymes to create and even less harmful substance.

Phase 3.  The liver will motor these substances out of the body through the blood/kidneys and the bile/stool.

This very basic summary of your built-in detox pathways shows the fact that you must feed the liver well in order for it to detox your body properly.  Consider Phase 1’s need for enough antioxidants and Phase 2’s need for sufficient amino acids. Now, consider all of the food that people eat that is nutrient poor or just plain empty calories. Yikes… empty calories do not give the liver what it needs to properly detox your body.  In fact, all of those people on the Standard American Diet are slowly accumulating toxins, because that  diet does not provide the nutrients for the liver to work properly.  And, remember that strainer, the larger the toxic load the more nutrients you will need to clean up the mess. This is one of the reasons that I recommend rotating in a variety of fruits and veggies as well as antioxidant rich super foods to the diet.  This also supports the reason that I recommend the use of collagen peptides and/or whey protein for adequate amounts of quality amino acids. It’s not just about weight loss, glowing skin or reduced joint inflammation, it’s about giving your body, including your mighty liver, what it needs to run properly.

So, now we have learned that our toxin load is way more than we ever realized.  We’ve also learned how the liver tries to detox our bodies for us, but it needs to be fed properly to do that job.  You might be coming to the conclusion that you might need to give your liver a helping hand by reducing your toxic load and feeding it properly.

Next, in Part 3, we’ll see what we can do to enhance liver detoxification function.  We’ll be talking about food, specific nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids and lastly chelation therapy, what it is and do you need it.  Stay tuned.


New Year Detox Part 1

Detox and loosing weight

One of the most frequently asked questions at the new year is “Do I need a detox?”  It seems to be the great debate.  Your traditional western medical doctor usually says you don’t need a detox because your body was made with a built in detox mechanism.  So, who’s right?  Well… both actually. Let me explain. You do have detox pathways built into your body.  Your liver is really the big power house here although the lymphatics help as well, but let’s just stick to the liver for simplicity’s sake.  Your liver works tirelessly for you 24/7, 365.  However, I need to shine a light on the environment in which we live here.

Since the beginning of time there have been toxic minerals in the environment.  There is also metabolic waste in your system just from the functioning of your body.  The liver was made to neutralize and eliminate all of these toxic substances.  The problem comes in when we realize that most of the chemicals on this planet were not around 100 years ago.  The chemicals that surround our everyday lives were not invented 100 years ago.  The liver was never intended to process the volume of waste that we encounter, ingest and absorb every day.  There is the question of adaptation.  We evolve to survive in our environment.  Remember the concept survival of the fittest?  The problem is our bodies haven’t had a chance to adapt.  The generations of frogs goes by very quickly, whereas human generations are much slower and take centuries to adapt to this sort of environmental change. And, consider it isn’t just the added chemicals, it’s the diet changes as well.  The liver requires specific nutrients to work properly.  Most people on the standard American diet don’t take in the required nutrients that the liver needs to do its job properly.  The higher the toxic load, the higher the nutrients needed by the liver.

Most people aren’t even aware of all the chemicals they encounter each day because they are so common.  Consider this very small sample of chemicals that surround you every day.

Dry Cleaning Chemicals

Gasoline and Exhaust fumes from cars, semis and industry

Smoke not only from tobacco, but also from candles and incense

Perfume (this is a whole other blog post!)

Glues, Resins and Paints. These are in our homes & offices as carpet, paint, cabinetry, furniture, etc.

Not to mention the big guns: mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, PCB’s, Dioxins, Pesticides, BPA & Plastics, Prescription Meds in the water supply (yes, in the water!)

I always have some people that think they buy organic food so they don’t encounter any toxins and thus would never need a detox.  Hmmm… Most of the above toxins you are exposed to daily have nothing to do with food.  The issue is that most people are completely unaware of their toxic load.

It’s the Load.  The toxins accumulate and interfere with normal functions of the body, normal detox functions, and normal immune system function.

In case you think I’m an extremist and making this stuff up… yes some people do!  Let me share some facts with you.  The CDC is continually measuring over 300 environmental chemicals in our blood and tissues.  There is actually a thing called the Human Toxome Project which measures over 500 chemicals in our blood. Real organizations are continuing to keep track of our toxic load.  You may have heard this a couple of years ago but the watch dog organization The Environmental Working Group tested the cord blood of newborns and found 232 chemicals present.  Now that brings to light the fact that now we don’t just accumulate toxins every day of our lives, but we are now being born with a significant toxin load from day one on this earth! You can go to their website to check on this study as well as other information about our toxic load here.

This will be a 3 Part Series on Detoxing.  The first is to just shine a light on the vastness that is our toxic load, identify where some of these toxins come from and how to reduce our exposure and toxic load.

Part 2 of the series will be understanding common symptoms of a high toxic load and your health risks from exposure to these chemicals.  We’ll also begin to understand how the liver filters these chemicals and what it needs to function properly.

Part 3 will cover what we can do about detoxing the chemicals from our bodies.  Detoxing plans will include using foods for detoxing, supplements for detoxing and lastly chelation therapy.

So stick around with us and follow this New Year Detoxing journey.



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Is Stress Making You Sick & Hormonal?

young businesswoman

Stress, it’s that time of year.  The holidays bring on a lot of stress.  Whether it’s family holiday drama, money concerns for gifting or an over-committed social calendar, the holidays are ripe for stress.  The bad part is that stress can do more harm to your body than you probably realize.

You see, when you are stressed your adrenal glands pump out stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. This response can be a good thing.  The stimulating of the sympathetic nervous system has helped us survive.  However, the design of this plan was to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and release stress hormones, temporarily.  When the threat is gone, as in the predator chasing us has disappeared, the parasympathetic system takes over and everything calms down.  You relax, your digestion resumes, your heart rate and blood pressure go down.  The glitch in the system happens when we never leave the stressed state.  Chronic stress is an evil thing! In fact, 80% of chronic disease (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and autoimmune disease) is attributed to chronic stress.

Here’s what happens to your hormones…in a nut shell. The adrenal glands pump out aldosterone and DHEA.  When you are in a state of chronic stress, the adrenals begin to show fatigue and fall behind making hormones.  The aldosterone plays a key role in blood pressure stability. When you become low in this hormone your blood pressure can elevate.  DHEA not only helps the sex hormone balance, but also helps to regulate blood sugar, lipids and bone support.

How do you make your adrenals happy?  Get eight hours a sleep a night, yes 8! Eat balanced meals with plenty of protein and veggies, limit sugar and exercise most days. Meditation, breathing exercises or some type of relaxation help as well.

Here’s what happens to your immune system…in a nut shell. Stress and the stress hormones greatly affect your T cells and their maturation and balance. You see, T cells actually directly attack the nasty bacteria and viruses. These T cells should be balanced with B cells, the cells that produce antibodies against an invader. Now we have helper cells that tell the T & B cells when to get busy and we have regulator cells which tell T & B cells when to give it a rest. When stress first hits your number of T cells goes up.  If the stress doesn’t go away then the body will suppress those T cells. One issue you may have with this is that chronic stress ultimately lowers your T cells which means you get every cold and flu bug going around! Who needs that? Am I right here?

So why is it important to control stress?  Let’s summarize. Your adrenals get fatigued which can negatively affect your blood pressure as well as your hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  This can create a low sex drive, irritability, insomnia and a host of menopausal symptoms. Let’s not forget that these hormones are also an integral part of regulating your blood sugar, lipids and bone health.  Stress also affects your immune system so that initially you are prone to catching every cold and flu bug floating around, but over time can contribute to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and autoimmune disease.

Remember, you can’t change stress, but you CAN change the way it affects you.  You CAN get sleep and eat right. You CAN exercise and breath. And, HEY… Have you tried ACUPUNCTURE? ACUPUNCTURE IS AMAZING FOR MODULATING STRESS. Don’t let stress be your downfall, look it in the face and walk the other way!


Cancer…A Case For Eating Real Food


I  recently read an article in Harpers Bazaar regarding Health. It had me thinking.  I read articles like this frequently.  They always focus on a “food” and how it helps cure, treat, &/or prevent diseases like diabetes, heart disease  and cancer.  This article had great information, don’t get me wrong.

The article quoted research on how a compound in extra virgin olive oil, oleocanthal, can wipe out cancer cells.  Another study showed that green tea was able to kill oral cancer cells while sparing healthy cells. They go on to state studies regarding turmeric, parsley, and celery have cancer fighting abilities.  Recently UC Davis showed walnuts and walnut oil slowed the spread of prostate cancer. Cruciferous veggies like broccoli can halt the development of bladder, breast, colon, liver, lung and stomach cancer in rats. This research adds up to one thing to me.  One thing that I have been preaching on this blog and in practice for years.  Eat Real Food!

You know a few months back it was coconut oil that helped to prevent or treat all sorts of things. (And it still does!) As you look back at the news over the last 10 years, you’ll see all sorts of reasons to eat real food.  None of this research talks about McDonalds or Doritos or Sodas helping to prevent any disease.  If you want to be healthy for the long haul, see your kids grow up, be able to play with your grandkids, then start eating real food today.  The Lesson is Eat Real Food.

You don’t need to eat every food you see in an article every day.  You don’t need to eat coconut oil all day every day for 3 months until you read about olive oil.  Just eat a variety of real food every day. This is your best prescription for health.

For example…

Breakfast: Farm Pastured eggs with tomato, broccoli, red bell pepper, with pink salt, pepper, chili flakes. A cup of raw milk or a coffee with coconut oil.

Lunch: A spring salad mix with bell peppers, grapefruit slices, sprouts, walnuts, gorganzola cheese with an olive oil & balsamic vinegar dressing.

Dinner: Grass-fed beef with grilled or roasted broccoli, cauliflower, beets and zucchini.

Snack: Organic Honeycrisp apple with sunflower seed butter

It’s really just common sense.  We were meant to eat real food.  That’s what our digestive system, our organs and our cells are programmed to run on to be healthy.  Eating processed foods with cheap multivitamins is not the same. It stresses the system, signals get crossed, membranes and cells get damaged…disease happens.  It’s not rocket science.

Just pick up real food in the grocery.  Eat what is seasonally available.  That’s my 2 cents on common sense eating this week.  Try it…I think you’ll like it.


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