Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

How to resolve Stress, Overwhelm, Foggy Thinking, Congestion, and Muscle Tightness? Get UPSIDE DOWN or Downside Up! Inversions can do a lot for the body, and you don’t have to do a handstand or a headstand!  There are ways to get upside down that are accessible to everyone. In this video, I show you several […]

#1 Stretch for Low Back Pain

My #1 stretch for low back pain is the hip flexor low lunge stretch.  This is great to relieve low back pain, sciatica pain and hip pain. The hip flexors from your quads go through your pelvis and attach on the lumbar spine.  When these get really tight, they tend to pull on the lumbar which makes the […]

6 Ways To Improve Sleep & Improve Health

Sleep is a major commodity these days.  Just look at the volume of drug sales for prescription sleep aids.  Plus, this doesn’t take into account all of the over the counter sleep aids like Advil PM and the like. Sleep is so important to overall health.  It is when our body repairs and regenerates, so […]

Cinnamon Honey Tea

This is one of my little tricks that I’ll share with you.  When I feel like I might be getting sick, you know, swollen glands, scratchy throat, itchy nose, etc, I drink this tea. First, there’s something about hot tea that seems to heal from the inside out.  Surely, you have experienced this.  Part of […]

Chia Seed Pudding

I like this recipe for chia seed pudding.  I have tried a few different combinations, but this one reminds me of that Kozy Shack tapioca pudding that I used to like so much as a kid.  This is a much healthier “pudding” with a long list of health benefits and it’s sans all the bad stuff.  […]

New Year Detox Part 3

In Part 1 we talked about the every day exposure to toxins and our toxin load.  In Part 2 we talked about our internal detoxification pathways and what happens when they get bogged down.  In particular, we talked about the incredible liver and how it neutralizes and disposes of toxins that get into our system.  Now we […]

New Year Detox Part 2

We’re back for Part 2.  In Part 1 we talked about if there was a need to detox or not.  We discussed a very small example of the toxic chemicals in our every day lives.  In Part 2 we’ll talk about how the body detoxes itself and how we can help it to detoxify properly. […]

New Year Detox Part 1

One of the most frequently asked questions at the new year is “Do I need a detox?”  It seems to be the great debate.  Your traditional western medical doctor usually says you don’t need a detox because your body was made with a built in detox mechanism.  So, who’s right?  Well… both actually. Let me […]

Is Stress Making You Sick & Hormonal?

Stress, it’s that time of year.  The holidays bring on a lot of stress.  Whether it’s family holiday drama, money concerns for gifting or an over-committed social calendar, the holidays are ripe for stress.  The bad part is that stress can do more harm to your body than you probably realize. You see, when you […]

Cancer…A Case For Eating Real Food

I  recently read an article in Harpers Bazaar regarding Health. It had me thinking.  I read articles like this frequently.  They always focus on a “food” and how it helps cure, treat, &/or prevent diseases like diabetes, heart disease  and cancer.  This article had great information, don’t get me wrong. The article quoted research on […]

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