Why Do We Suffer So Much? It’s Us vs. Our Grandparents

The big question is why do we suffer so much?  I don’t remember my grandparents or especially my great grandparents ever suffering from allergies, hives, gluten sensitivity, or autoimmune diseases.  So what gives?   Well, they lived entirely different day to day then we do. Let’s take a look and see what we may be doing […]

Your Summer Refresh Plan

My recent post ushered in that Summer feeling.  I gave you a great Creamsicle refresher that will add high quality protein to your day or to start your day or even post-workout recovery.  I’m reminded by many of you that it’s that time.  You know… shorts & tank tops, sundresses and bathing suits for the pool and/or beach.  […]

“Freedom lies in being Bold” – Robert Frost

Here’s a little New Years Eve thought for you to consider.  I like this quote…it’s so true. “Freedom lies in being bold.”  – Robert Frost Be bold this year.  Too many people are bland, they live bland, they think bland, they are bland. Whether it is your job, your family, being a parent or spouse,  […]

Change Your Soundtrack

I was inspired to share this with you this week because I have talked to a lot of people in the last few weeks that are chronically obsessed with what they don’t want in their lives.  Here’s the thing, you can read all the books, buy all the DVD’s, buy cookbooks, join a gym, go […]

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The Key to Success…

  “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen R. Covey   If you want to change your life you better be scheduling it like a priority.  Whether it’s to get healthy, lose weight, recover from a dis-ease, whatever, in order to succeed you need to […]

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Patience & Persistence

I felt I needed to address a problem that I see more and more in my practice.  People… you have to know, understand and accept that getting healthy takes patience and persistence.  Bottom line is you didn’t get to where you are overnight, nor will you recover overnight. There is no pill to swallow to suddenly […]

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The Winter Blahs & How to Stay Motivated

It’s that weird time of year when your new year’s resolve may be waning and the Spring Summer season seems so far off while you’re wearing boots and winter wools. Many of my patients slack this time of year.  They get the “what’s the point” attitude.  They still have plenty of time to get back […]

Excuses Taking Over Your Life

Here is a great quote for you from someone that inspires daily… Excuses are just low self worth trying to take over your life!  -Mastin Kipp The reason I bring this quote up and wanted to write about it today is that I get a whole lot of excuses.  Everyone says they know, they should, […]

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Goals Equal Better Results

Studies show that having goals results in more Happiness and Bigger Achievements. So, let’s hash out some goals so we get to where we want to go.  Seems easy enough, right? You need to start with the Big Picture.  What is it that you ultimately want.  Like, I want to be fit & healthy.  I […]

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Inspired & Confirmed by Tony Robbins

I love this quote by Tony Robbins:     This sort of reinforces what I try to tell people everyday. This health thing?  It’s a journey.  I have been on this journey trying to master my health and help others do the same for many years.  I have continued to learn new things over the years that have […]

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