Knee & Foot Pain

I’m back with more mobility and flexibility exercises for knee and food pain.  I treat so much knee pain and foot pain like Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and to a certain extent shin splints. Of course acupuncture helps tremendously for these issues.  However, there is a reason these issues developed.  Usually it is due to overly tight muscles or some sort of structural imbalance.  I may release the pain and inflammation with acupuncture, but if you don’t address that overly tight muscle or structural imbalance, odds are the pain will eventually come back to you again.

The answer is including mobility work to your treatment plan.  These exercises will speed healing along with acupuncture, and will help to address why you got pain in the first place, so it’s less likely to return to you again.

Check out the video of the exercises that I have demonstrated for knee pain and foot pain specifically. You’ll need a foam roller and a lacrosse ball to do these exercises.  (See below for links to buy).

So, click through here to watch the video.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have requests for other videos.

Until next time, stay well.

For the Foam Roller Click Here

For the Lacrosse Ball Click Here (or swing by the office and pick one up)

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