New Years Resolution & Goal Setting

It’s that time of year again… New Years Resolutions!  We’ve all set them, we’ve all failed them.  Typically, IF you set one or two, you ditch them in 3 days to 3 weeks.  This year lets make it different.  Let’s not flippantly say we want to lose 20 pounds or 50.  Let’s figure out our true goals and crush them.

Statistics show there are certain things required in order to crush goals.  Here’s your checklist to crush in 2017.  (Or if you prefer, here’s the video of instructions)

Studies show people who write down their goals, pen to paper, are 80% more likely to accomplish their goals than people who don’t write them down.  In fact, Harvard did a study on students and goals.  In polling one class, 84% never had goals, 13% had goals in their heads, and only 3% actually wrote down their goals.  What happened 10 years later?  The people with goals in their head earned 2x more than the people without goals.  And the 3% who actually wrote down their goals? Yep, they earned 10x more than the other 97% of students in that class.  There is something that happens when we take pen to paper.  It’s so powerful and non-negotiable when goal setting.

It doesn’t matter what your 2017 goals are, although I’d love to see some Transitions to Health goals.  So whether it’s financial goals, career goals, weight loss goals, fitness goals, investment goals, it doesn’t really matter, but they must be important to you and you MUST write them down.

Steps to Achieve Goals:

  1. Really think about your goal, specifically, and write it down, specifically.  Did I mention be specific?
  2. Find your Why.  Why do you want to achieve this goal.  Not something frivolous, but something real and deep.  Without a why you’ll last a couple of weeks.
  3. Break the goal down into daily actionable steps.  Small steps that you can plan and do daily to reach your goal.
  4. Find a few mantras, affirmations or power statements.  These statements should motivate you to stay the course.  Stay committed.
  5. Achieve Greatness

I try to do all of the above with the help of an excellent planner.  It’s no At-A-Glance or DayMinder type calendar.  This planner allows you to incorporate all of the above steps to achieve your goals in a nice tidy package.  It reinforces all of the above, to remind you to complete every step every day.  With this, I don’t know how you can fail.

I have put up a video going into detail on goal setting and achieving.  I also show you what I use to stay the course.  I highly recommend the planner that I use to keep me on course to my goals. In the video, I show you my planner, how to work it, and how to make it work for you.  If you are serious about your goals, and you should be let’s face it, then this planner is a must.  A buddy never hurts either to keep you accountable. Click here to get MY PLANNER. 

Click Here to View the Video…PS The video always has extra content!

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