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I have found a great new company with a great concept, so great I wish I had thought of it!  The company is Moon Juice and it is out of Venice, CA.  If you are local, they have cafes with juices, teas, herbs & snacks.  I highly recommend you pay them a visit.  However, if you don’t live local, like the rest of us, you can buy the herbal powders called Moon Dust online.  Kinda quirky, yes. BUT, very good.  Check me out chatting about Moon Juice Here.

So, why am I all over these powders?  Well, they have managed to create mostly Chinese Herbal Formulas that look pleasing, taste pleasing, and work!

Let me introduce you to the first Moon Dust formula that I tried… Beauty Dust.  Beauty Dust consists of mostly organic Chinese herbs goji berry, rehmannia, schisandra, and pearl powder. In Chinese medicine we often use pearl powder for skin conditions and anti-aging. When you think of pearls, you think of a luster and a glow from within.  This is what pearl does for you.  The objective with Beauty Dust is to expand your beauty, and increase your skins luster and glow.  It also helps to add shine to your hair and a twinkle to your eye!  Basically, beauty from the inside out. They also add a small amount of stevia to the formula which tempers any Chinese-ey taste that you may pick up.

The second formula that I tried was…Power Dust.  Power Dust helps to promote stamina and longevity.  In Chinese terms, we say it tonifies the body.  This is an adaptogenic formula to help regulate your body’s response to stress. Everyone has stress in their lives today.  This formula acts like a super shield to block stress from attacking your body.  Continued chronic stress can damage your body not only mentally, but also physically.  Common issues associated with chronic stress include gastrointestinal issues, insomnia, cardiovascular issues, and can even contribute to cancer.  If you are under tremendous stress constantly or during certain times of the year, it would be wise to get yourself and invisible shield to block stresses ability to damage you mentally & physically.

So, how do you take these fancy Moon Dusts?  However you want really.  I like to add them to hot tea or coffee.  In particular, the Power Dust in coffee with coconut cream is a good choice.  There are recipes available to use the Dusts in lattes, hot chocolate, pancakes and even to make a dark chocolate bark.

The powders come in glass jars or more portable individual serving sachets.

There are a variety of formulas… Beauty Dust, Brain Dust, Sex Dust, Power Dust, Dream Dust, Spirit Dust. My two favorites are the Beauty & Power (it’s a good place to start), but all of the formulas are great!

If you are interested in the Beauty Dust… Click Here.

If you are interested in the Power Dust… Click Here.

Again, if you’d like to see the video… Click Here.

Please leave me questions & comments.  I’d love to know which ones you try and how they work for you.

Until Next Time… Stay WELL!


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