Your Money, Your Health

This post is a little outside of my usual wheel house of information.  But as we all know stress takes a toll on our health. In fact, I think that today stress is the root of most evil (it’s a tie between bad food & stress) in chronic health issues like cardiovascular disease, cancer and autoimmune disease.  We all admit that life can be stressful at  times.  We complain about being too busy with schedules, an ailing parent or family member, or a bad boss.  However, most people carry a huge financial stress burden that they keep hidden in the closets and under the rug.  Nobody wants to talk about their concern over their financial situation.  You talk until the cows come home with your friends about a boss, but never your finances. This private stress can weigh you down mentally and physically and take a toll on your overall health.

I saw some recent research that noted that most people fear they don’t have enough money money to retire.  In fact, most people worry about money more than if they are going to get Alzheimer’s! Questions, like how can I retire, how much do I need to retire and how in the world will I get there, or a biggy is will I outlive my retirement, what then?  These secret financial stressors are a huge burden.  And, to top it off, most people choose to stick their heads in the mud about the subject.  The stress and overwhelm is so high that they post-pone dealing with the issue “down the road.”  I suggest that you begin to deal with it in the NOW!  Once you have a plan of attack no matter if small or aggressive, you will feel much more in control of your destiny, which will reduce or eliminate the black cloud hanging over you and the stress concerning your financial future will be minimized or eliminated.

I recently read Tony Robbins book Money Master the Game.  I can’t convey enough how much I recommend this book.  Not only does it shine a light on areas that may be losing you incredible amounts of money, but also shows you how to make a plan for a secure financial future. He helps you to realize how much money you actually need. So many people think it will take millions, 10’s of millions to be able to retire.  That’s not always the case.  It’s an extreme eye opener and a great education.  Once you understand and have a plan, you eliminate overwhelm and that feeling of having no control over your destiny.  The feeling of no control takes a huge bite out of your mental and physical health.  Now, you have a way to resolve this issue.

I know this isn’t my usual thing, but I felt it was so important to share.  I hope that you grab a copy, learn, and make a plan.

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