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videostretchHow to resolve Stress, Overwhelm, Foggy Thinking, Congestion, and Muscle Tightness?

Get UPSIDE DOWN or Downside Up!

Inversions can do a lot for the body, and you don’t have to do a handstand or a headstand!  There are ways to get upside down that are accessible to everyone. In this video, I show you several ways to get into an inversion, that everyone can do, which will help all of the above.  I try to do these at least once a day.  But… more times than not, I’m doing these throughout my day.

The beauty of an inversion is that it gets the qi & blood flowing.  The spine opens up, qi and blood flush the brain (which we sort of need to think clearly, let alone be creative), muscles get flushed which means they loosen up, and miraculously, if your congested, it begins to clear.  That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

These modified inversions that I demonstrate also really stretch those hamstrings, which tend to shrink up on us if we sit for more than 20 minute increments.

Take a look and try it! (Click here to see video). You’ll feel so much better and be glad you did!

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