#1 Stretch for Low Back Pain

My #1 stretch for low back pain is the hip flexor low lunge stretch.  This is great to relieve low back pain, sciatica pain and hip pain.

The hip flexors from your quads go through your pelvis and attach on the lumbar spine.  When these get really tight, they tend to pull on the lumbar which makes the lumbar spine, the discs, the nerves coming out of the spine, and the muscles very unhappy.  Then they agitate the muscles in the low back which just make things worse.

Why would your hip flexors be tight?  Well, we sit too much basically.  We sit on the couch, we sit at the desk, we sit in the car, and we usually sleep with our knees drawn up at night.  This allows those hip flexors to tighten up.  Now, when you do stand up tall and straighten and stretch, these hip flexors a tad too short.  This causes them to pull on that lumbar.  A side effect here is also you tend to get a forward tilting pelvis in the process.  This adds to the discomfort.

So, take a couple of minutes each day and try this stretch.  You can even do it while you watch TV at night. It only takes about 2 minutes each side to help.  Of course you can do it longer if it feels good to you.

Of course, if you combine this stretch with acupuncture you get a great result.

Click through to watch the video to make sure you are using proper technique and that you are getting the most out of the stretch and are actually targeting those hip flexors.

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Try It!!!

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