Top 3 Weight Loss Mistakes


1. Misread how many calories you burned during a workout.  I always recommend that you wear a heartrate monitor.  People in general think they work much harder than they actually do.  The machines at the gym are not accurate measures.  You need a heartrate monitor set specifically to your body to get an accurate read on how hard you’re working.  Many of the monitors will actually beep on you if you’re just phoning it in and not really working hard.  These are also essential when you’re doing interval training.  This way you can watch your heartrate go up and come down properly.  Like I said, most people think they are working hard, but the heartrate doesn’t lie.

2. You think working out gives you a license to eat a second helping, eat fetticuini alfredo, or eat dessert.  If you workout to lose weight, you need to add workouts to your regular dietary schedule, not eat extra calories as a reward.  You don’t get to eat dessert and drink 2 cocktails with dinner just because you worked out that day.  That will pretty much guarantee that you take in double the calories that you burned during your workout.

3. People think that if they workout, they need to refuel. I see this one a lot!  I once saw a guy in a 45 minute spin class squeeze 2 of those goo packets in his mouth. I was thinking why does he need those? 45 minutes is not that long and those are just straight up sugar. I’d rather see someone eat a date if they think they need something. BUT, 45 minutes doesn’t deplete your energy stores.  This I can guarantee you.  In fact, it takes 80 minutes of hard work for your body to burn through its sugar stores. Often times I see the fitness magazines telling people to eat a snack before a workout to fuel their workout, usually 150-200 calories, so they have the energy to really go after it, then another snack to help their muscles to rebuild post workout.  This is an excuse to eat and if you do this you are taking in about 400-500 extra calories.  How many calories did you burn during your workout?  If you are a women and you went all out for an hour, you may have burned 500 calories or so.  If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t over fuel yourself or you’ll find it difficult to get anywhere.

Let me make just a quick point here before I go on…  Calories in, Calories out is not the gold standard in weight loss.  For true weight loss to happen, it has to be a lifestyle change that gets you hormonally balanced, builds lean muscle, gets you restorative sleep, and allows your body and organs to run at peak performance.

Everyone wants that panacea pill or drink that through no personal effort will allow them to miraculously drop 10 or 20 pounds in a week or a month.  This does not happen.  If something does cause you to lose weight quickly with no effort on your part it’s probably a combination of diuretic to help you lose water weight and speed, which leads to adrenal fatigue among other things detrimental to your health.  Will you feel good on it? Sure, you’re on speed!  But, it’s not healthy and you will pay for it with your health.

I have however discovered one healthy anti-aging & weight loss secret.  Collagen Peptides!

Rather than whole protein forms like chicken, steak or even whey protein, collagen peptides are actually small molecules of amino acids.  As we age, especially, it can be difficult to digest and liberate the amino acids in the protein that we take in through our diets.  This eliminates the breakdown process and your body can literally just drink them in to build tissue including muscles.  Collagen peptides help to increase muscle mass, lose body fat, tighten the skin and calm the mind which helps to improve sleep.  Remember that if you increase your muscle mass, you increase your metabolism, which is why exercise and resistance training is still essential here, but the collagen will help you to increase muscle mass. If you want to feed your muscles after a workout to aid in their recovery, this is a smart choice, adding sugar, not so much.  The peptides are high in the amino acid Glycine which helps to calm the mind.  Quality sleep is essential to maintaining weight.  When people want to lose weight I always ask how much sleep that they get each night.  Typically it’s just 4-6 hours.  It’s very difficult to lose weight on so little sleep.  The peptides and the glycine help with this.  Bonus here is that it is “Collagen”, the same collagen that we lose with age and that keeps our skin and hair young.  These Collagen Peptides have almost too many benefits to mention, but it is definitely worth a try when you are trying to lose or maintain weight loss, especially as we age.

I have several people using the collagen peptides with great results. Let me know if you have questions, or want to give it a try.

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2 Responses to “Top 3 Weight Loss Mistakes”

  • susan says:

    hey Shelly!
    i love your newsletters!
    what about this peptide stuff! i’d love to try it! my skin and hair have taken a 180 degree turn for the worst! i guess it’s because of menopause being done, but i hate it! i could use the muscle, and the help for my skin!

    (btw, i used to work out with you guys at Ryde and now we see each other at Orange!)

    • Susan: The collagen peptides are great! I have had great success and a lot of positive feedback from patients. Stop by the office and pick up container anytime. I have Saturday hours this Saturday 10-3 from 11-2:00.

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