Cancer Causing Dirty Dozen

The amount of chemicals is beyond our ability to grasp at this point.  100 years ago most of the damaging chemicals affecting our health were not even invented yet.  There are too many toxic chemicals in our everyday life to even list.  However, the Environmental Working Group has come up with a Dirty Dozen list […]

Importance of Food

I recently started watching “Chew on This…TED Talks.”  This great presentation by famed chef Jamie Oliver was spot on!!!  Our kids are living a shorter life span than we are today.  Food is the root of this crisis. Let Jamie give you some insight and some shocking video in his short talk. What people don’t […]

Indigestion Rescue

Indigestion is such a common issue for people.  I can’t even tell you how many of my patients are taking some type of antacid on a daily basis.  My goal is to fix the problem so that you won’t need to take meds anymore. First, let’s start with why you should be cautious of taking […]

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