Watermelon: Summer’s Most Refreshing Treat

Watermelon Juice

One of the things that I most look forward to in the Summer months is Watermelon.  It just represents Summer so well.  Plus, nothing is better on a hot summer day than watermelon.  When I was a kid, we would always salt our watermelon.  Remember that salt often brings out the sweet taste in fruit.  Weird but true.  You’ll see I always give you the option of adding pink salt to the recipes below.  There are, however, many great health benefits to watermelon.  One of the biggest is hydration.  Watermelon is about 92% water and is rich in electrolytes which makes it perfect for hot summer months.  But, the more specific nutrients are highlighted below, plus 5 great ways to enjoy watermelon, outside of just opening one up and digging in!

Lycopene:  Most people may think of lycopene when considering a watermelon due to its red color like tomatoes.  It is actually rich in lycopene which is a good antioxidant and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin A:  One cup of watermelon has about 25% of your daily needs for vitamin A which keeps hair and skin looking young and healthy by encouraging collagen and elastin.

Fiber:  The water and fiber combo is great for keeping you regular.  I often recommend watermelon for people who experience constipation.  In fact, an overload of watermelon can cause diarrhea.

Citrulline:  This is maybe the biggest news you can use!  Watermelon is actually called Citrullus lanatus.  It is rich in Citrulline and amino acid which helps to improve circulation.  In fact, L-Citrulline helps to increase physical performance by increasing L-Arginine and Nitric Oxide and reduces post exercise soreness.  If you walk into what a call a “Muscle Shop” where they have all of those magic potions for those people trying to gain muscle mass, lose fat, and lose weight, you’ll see supplements of L-Citrulline.  Why?  There is so much research showing that it improves performance, heart rate recovery and reduces post exercise soreness.

For me it just boils down to it’s a super refreshing treat on a hot summer day that really helps to rehydrate you naturally!  So, that’s all for the science…now for the fun tasty stuff!  How to get more watermelon in your life.

1. Watermelon Pops: Cube the melon and put a stick in it and freeze it.  Super simple.  Option: Lightly dip one side in pink salt before freezing.

2. Watermelon Juice:  Place watermelon cubes in a high powered blender, seeds and all, and blend until liquefied.  You can also add a few shakes of pink salt before blending.  Or line the rim of your glass with lime juice and dip into pink salt.

3. Watermelon Mint Cocktail:  Blend watermelon with fresh mint leaves.  If you’re using a whole watermelon, then use about 10-12 mint leaves.  Again, you can feel free to rub the rim with lime juice and dip the glass in pink salt.

4. Watermelon Ice Cubes:  Just blend watermelon in a blender to liquefy and pour in ice cube trays.  This will spice up plain old ice water in the summer.

5 Watermelon Salad:  Some of you may have seen this recipe floating around on the interwebs, but cubing watermelon (4c.) and adding one diced cucumber, red onion (1/2 thinly sliced), feta (1/4c.), a handful of fresh mint, and balsamic vinegar (to taste) is delish.

Of course, you can always add spirits to your watermelon juice or watermelon mint juice to make a healthier version of your favorite cocktail.  Most agree that vodka or tequila go best, but experiment with your own tastes.

My no waste tip.  When that watermelon gets a little too pithy that it’s just hard to enjoy, just make one of the juices above.  Pithy watermelon blended up is no longer pithy and the flavor is excellent.  I often do this when I buy a watermelon and am disappointed that the whole thing is pithy from the get go.  Don’t toss it, blend it.  Drinking watermelon takes the texture issue away while leaving all the flavor.

Now go out and enjoy the summer while you have it!

How do you like to enjoy Watermelon in the Summer? Leave us a comment.

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