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thinkstockbeachexerciseTo have Health, you need balanced Hormones and a good Metabolism.  There is a formula to this.  The basis is you need to eat right and exercise.  At some point you may have fluctuations that will require dietary adjustments &/or supplements.  I find that everyone just wants a pill for it.  This will NEVER get you Healthy! Eating right consists of eating real whole foods…actual foods.  This does not include processed food like fast food “things,” which are not food, and food stuffs that come in cans, bags, boxes and wrappers.  For most people this is a transitional proposition for sure.  You can’t change your diet over night and expect it to stick.  However, making small changes every week will get you there.  Remember, I can always help you with this transition, you just need to ask.

The bigger challenge I face is motivating people to move.  Yes, you, you need to move.  Exercise helps with blood sugar, cortisol, neurotransmitters and the list goes on.  Blood sugar relates to insulin.  Insulin is the fat storing hormone. The more insulin you are shooting the more your body will store or hold on to fat, especially that pesky abdominal fat. Insulin is like a drug of sorts in that the more you use, typically, the more you need because you become less sensitive to it which is not good for the waist line or anything else for that matter.  Cortisol is what the adrenals shoot out in response to our stressful lifestyle.  It has an effect on insulin and also the storage of fat.  If you exercise, you will begin to balance your hormones, your metabolism and your health.  The goal with exercise is to build lean muscle mass to increase metabolism, burn stored fats & sugars, become more insulin sensitive so you need less, and increase growth hormone to keep us young.  It’s not just about exercising the lungs and heart, which is still needed, but balancing the hormones and increasing metabolism will keep you looking and feeling young and healthy.

So what do I mean by exercise?  Not walking the dogs around the neighborhood.  Is there benefit to that? Sure.  Anytime, you get outside, in nature, it has a positive effect on stress and cortisol as well as neurotransmitters.  When your neurotransmitters are happy, so are you.  Plus you tend to sleep better too.  So yes, get outside walk the dogs, get some vitamin D, and relax.  However, this isn’t the kind of exercise that will adjust your health and hormones.  I’m talking “let’s get uncomfortable” exercise.  I know nobody wants to be uncomfortable….BUT outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

I know most people don’t love every minute of working out.  But do you love every minute of work either?  I mean, hopefully you do what you love, but is every minute amazing?  Probably no, but you do it because it’s just part of the process. The goal is to find something that you like doing.  This may take awhile.  It may take a couple of years.  But, don’t stop until you find that thing that you like. Try spinning, try jazzercise, try boxing, try bootcamps, if you need a low cost workout try Bodyrock TV.  They have a free channel with new workouts almost daily.  You need at least 30 minutes of hard activity 4-6 days a week.  When you find that thing that you love, 6 days a week will seem like nothing.  I suggest you invest in a heart rate monitor (this is the one I use).  You can see how hard you are working this way.  This is especially useful if you workout alone, because we tend to go easy if we aren’t in a group class.  That’s why I highly recommend group fitness because it pushes you more.  There is competition in the room.  We tend to step up our game if other people are watching us.

I am loving Orange Theory Fitness right now.  This is a great example because it’s all based on heart rate which is the goal.  You’re working out in different heart rate zones for a specified amount of time. There is also weight training to build lean muscle which increases metabolism.  One of the things I like best is that no two workouts are the same so it’s difficult to get bored. They usually give you a couple of classes free to try it out, so give it a try.  If you get bored like I do, then switch it up.  Do a cardio/weight training class 3 days a week, do a yoga class one day, a Barre class another or try to fit in a Pilates class.  This definitely prevents boredom.

Never give up until you find that exercise that you enjoy and miss when you’re on vacation or the kids get sick and you have to miss.  When you find this, you will stop dreading working out.


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