5 Easy Food Tweaks to Improve Your Health

Odessa Farmers MarketI’ve put together a little list of cool facts that might encourage or in some cases discourage you from eating certain foods.  I mean, if you know how great a particular food is for you, aren’t you more likely to pick it up at the store or farmers market?!

1. Broccoli Leaves.  Yes, the leaves. They are loaded with protein, vitamins, fiber and as much calcium as a glass of milk.  Sub it in place of kale or spinach in salads or sauté it and use it as a side or in omelets. I always threw them in the compost pile, but now I think I’ll start trying this out!

2. Wild Caught Salmon.  Let’s just clarify here.  We eat salmon to get those healthy omega 3 fatty acids which are heart healthy and cut down on inflammation, but this only applies to Wild Salmon.   The farmed salmon, which is what we mostly get in the grocery and restaurants, is higher in pro-inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids.  The farmed salmon is raised on soy.  Last I heard soy isn’t in the primary diet of fish??  Any who… it changes the whole profile, and health benefits, of salmon.  Make sure you eat only wild caught salmon from now on.

3. Blackberries.  Did you know blackberries have the most fiber of any fruit?  A serving contains 8 grams.  Fiber is one way to fill yourself up so you are less likely to be hungry in an hour, plus you get all those antioxidants in the berries as a big bonus.

4. Skip the Fast Food.  The Clinical Pediatrics Journal found that kids who ate fast food 4-6 times a week, or every day, scored 20% lower on math, reading and science tests.  They say they aren’t sure why that is though.  Uhm… could it be that fast food is highly processed junk food with no valuable nutrients to nourish the body or the brain?  One more reason to eat real food.

5.  Eat Stone Fruit.  Texas AgriLife Research found that these fruits can modulate the expression of fat genes due to their phenolic compounds.  These fruits, like peaches, plums, and nectarines, may help prevent belly fat and insulin resistance.  We shouldn’t need research to tell us eating whole foods keeps our bodies healthy, but I guess it’s nice to have the extra motivation.

Lastly, I have a study for you that should direct you where to buy all of these goodies.  It seems, according to The American Journal of Agricultural Economics, that shopping at small local stores encourages us to buy more healthy fresh food and less sugary processed food. Another study showed that specialty neighborhood stores reduced community obesity by 11%.  This makes me excited that a Nutrition Smart just opened up in my neighborhood!  So, go find your small local store to support, and hey, I guess they’ll support you too!

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