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Every once in a while I bring you a list of things that I’ve discovered or rediscovered that I have been loving.  Here are a few of those things that you might want to consider adding to your life.

Hydro Flask:  Hydro Flask focuses exclusively on delivering the world’s best quality and widest variety of high performance, double-wall vacuum insulated products. Each flask is made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel and is stylish, lightweight, reusable and BPA-free. Hydro Flasks provide users the freedom to go anywhere with the assurance that their cold liquids will stay cold for 24 hours, and hot liquids will stay hot for 12 hours.  Flask options include a 12 oz standard mouth flask, food flasks, an 18 oz coffee flask, a 21 oz standard mouth flask popular with golfers and outdoor recreationalists, and a 40 oz wide mouth flask that’s perfect for the yoga studio. Customers are able allocate a portion of the net profit from their flask purchase to a charity of their choice. OK… so who doesn’t want one of these?? For me, the best part is the ability to go to the beach for the day and have something cold to drink.  Usually within an hour all of the ice has melted and things start to heat up.  This makes life better for sure.

Rradrollerad Roller:  A rad roller is amazing for loosening up those tight spots and knots.  It is 2 rubber balls the size of tennis balls that are connected. You can roll them down your back with one ball on either side of your spine, down your IT band to relieve knee or hip pain, on your quad muscles or calves.  If you over did it in the gym or did too much climbing or too many squats, this will save you by loosening you up and speeding your recovery time. They are perfect to roll over those knots in your shoulders as well.  Sometimes if I sit for too long, my low back and hip flexors just start to ache.  These little balls save me.  I don’t know how people sit at a desk all day, but if that’s you, you may want to give them a try. PS.  We have the Rad Rollers available in the Center now if you’re interested.

Flavor God Seasonings:  I wrote a post on these flavor savers a few weeks back (check it out here).  They make every meal taste better and make the same ‘ol thing taste new and different with the various seasonings that are available.  They offer a standard Combo Pack at all times that includes Garlic Lovers, Lemon Garlic, Everything, and Spicy Everything.  My favorite is the Spicy Everything, but I use all of them.  I even combine two seasons together for some things.  The nice bonus is that they are always coming out with new limited edition flavors.  Just recently they launched a Creole Seasoning.  People are so in love with these seasonings that the Creole sold out in less than two days.  The limited edition flavors are sought after let me tell you.  I see people still begging for another run at the Dynamite Seasoning.  This was a limited edition run before I was aware of Flavor God, and I think I missed out on a good one.  Not sure what I would do without them now.  They make cooking so much easier!

Pacifica Deordorant Wipes: These little genius things are great for after the gym, especially if you have to make stops on the way home or are meeting up with a friend.  They also come in handy when you spend the day outside, especially here in hot South Florida.  When you spend the day at the beach and you want to stop off for dinner or you are outside at a game for hours sweating and then you go out to eat or stop by someone’s house on the way home.  It provides a conveniekombucharaspberrynt much needed refresh!

GT’s Kombucha:  Specifically, Classic Synergy.  Kombucha is a fermented probiotic rich tea.  It comes in a lot of flavors, so you’ll surely find a few that you love.  Me?  I love Raspberry Rush, Super Fruits and Divine Grape.  The grape reminds me of the Welch’s Grape soda from when I was a kid.  The fermentation creates a fizz so it’s also a great treat when you are trying to quit sodas.  Most of what you love about soda is the bubbles and this has bubbles to spare!  It’s amazing for your gut and immunity because it is loaded with probiotics and is very alkalizing to your system. Overall an amazing treat that is actually good for your body.

If you have a favorite thing that you can’t live without, let us know in the comments below.



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  • Lilly’s chocolate – especially the chocolate chips. They are dairy free and sugar free. Sweetened with stevia but can not tell when baked into chocolate chip cookies!

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