Favorite Things to Love

Every once in a while I bring you a list of things that I’ve discovered or rediscovered that I have been loving.  Here are a few of those things that you might want to consider adding to your life. Hydro Flask:  Hydro Flask focuses exclusively on delivering the world’s best quality and widest variety of […]

Extra Extra Acupuncture Works!

Well of course it works! But, it’s always nice to see new research.  I’ve studied this medicine for years and I see it work every day. If I wasn’t getting results, I wouldn’t be doing this.   Yet, so many people in this country want scientific proof of everything.  Acupuncture is a hard medicine to study.  Sham […]

Got Pain? 5 Remedies To Ease Pain

Most people would answer yes to this question.  Most of us have some sort of pain at some point.  Well, aside from ACUPUNCTURE, which is  great for pain relief, as you well know, here are my top 5 pain remedies that you can do at home. 1. RadRoller.  I have been using a RadRoller for […]

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