2 Big Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Miss Your Sleep!

thinkstocksleepNobody gets enough sleep anymore.  It’s dangerous too.   People drive in a fog.  Many studies have shown that lack of sleep slows your reflexes and responses like having one too many cocktails!  How do you enjoy life when you’re always dragging?  What about those unsightly bags under your eyes?  You forget things when you’re too tired or you don’t put forth the effort to do them properly.  Does this sound familiar?  Oh that’s good enough!  However, these reasons don’t seem to be pushing us to get proper sleep.  In fact, I’ve seen people act as if the fact that they only get 4 hours is like some badge of honor. It’s not. Well, just maybe the next two reasons will convince you to get more sleep.

Weight Gain.

Yes, I said it.  Lack of sleep affects your weight in several ways.

1. When you are tired you are more likely to skip the gym or that run and reach for comfort foods.

2.  Lack of sleep triggers release of gherlin, the hormone that triggers hunger.

3. When you have a lack of sleep, you become insulin insensitive, meaning you need more insulin to get your blood sugar stabilized. This leads to many things including increased hunger and cravings.

4. When you don’t sleep, your adrenals don’t recover and the next day you are less able to deal with everyday stress.  Constant stress and the resulting high cortisol output also increases the 1st three issues.

This turns into a hamster wheel that is hard to get off.

Immune System

Scientists have found that lack of sleep does in fact affect your immune system.  As I’ve said through the years, sleep is a time for your body to repair and regenerate.  When you deprive your body of this time, eventually things will start to break down on you.  Lack of sleep correlates with cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

1. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can lead to lower natural killer T cells.  This is probably its correlation with cancer.

2. Various inflammatory markers go up with lack of sleep.  Inflammation plays a role is a variety of diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancer as well as pain.

3. When you sleep,  immune system chemicals like tumor necrosis factor and interleukin 1 go up.  This is part of what I call the repair and regenerate side of sleep.  Without this, disease risk can go up.

Lack of sleep also plays a part in aging, stress, mood and the brain.  And, just for the record, I don’t believe in the notion that some people just need 4 or 5 hours of sleep and they are fine.  Chemically speaking, we just aren’t made that way.  For our bodies to recover, regenerate and repair, we have to sleep, no matter who you are or what your habits might be.  Adults need 7 to 8 hours a night and teens need 9 to 10 hours a night…PERIOD.

What can help you?

1. Acupuncture

2. Herbal formulas

3. Exercise

4. Yoga, Meditation, or Journaling

5. Go to bed at the same time every night (yes, even on the weekends)

6. Avoid alcohol at night

7. Avoid caffeine after noon

8. Turn off your devices a couple of hours before bed

9. Turn the thermostat down for cooler temperatures

10.  Make sure you are getting out in the sunshine, especially in the morning hours. It helps the internal clock function

Now, see if you can manage those 8 hours tonight!

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