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burnthisToday I’m bringing you some inspiration.  We all could use a little inspiration. A new app has been released for your phones and devices, and Bonus… IT’S FREE!  It has been described as #Pinstagram, meaning it is part Pinterest and part Instagram.  What it truly is an ever changing vision board of inspiration and motivation. The beauty is that this vision board isn’t nailed to your wall, it’s a sort of mobile vision board.  I loved the app so much that I became a BurnThis Fitness Ambassador. Before you run away, this isn’t about Kim Kardashian selphies.  This app is dedicated to inspiring eating well, exercising and creating a healthy lifestyle, so stay with me here.

What you will find when you open the app are pictures of workouts, motivational quotes, quotes to get you moving, pictures of healthy food along with recipes and so much more.  Just peeking in a few times a day will keep those thoughts of moving more and eating better front and center.  If you want to just use it for workout and/or recipe ideas, do exactly that.  If you want to use it to inspire healthy food choices and a healthy lifestyle do that.  But if you need more, they offer challenges.  There is an icon button you can push to check out what challenges are currently going on at any one time, what they ask of you, how many days are left and bonus… what prizes you can win by participating. The PRIZES can range from workout DVD’s,  trips for 2 to yoga events or a $500 gift certificate.  Now how’s that for motivation!   The other end of the spectrum is that if you have accomplished something you are really proud of then share it.  Be an inspiration to others.  Inspiration is contagious so share as much as you can. The beauty is that you can participate as much or as little as you like.

Here’s a little taste of what you’ll find on the home page to give you an idea of what it’s all about. I just took a few screen shots over time so you could see a good variety of what is running through the news feed to inspire you.  (Psst… look close, I’m in one of those squares!)

burnthis4        burnthis8          burnthis7


I love the fitness is like marriage, you can’t cheat on it and expect it to work!  Oh so true! Or how about when you’re seconds away from a really bad snack like candy and you just happen to see an eat clean post of sliced apples with almond butter drizzled over the top.  Maybe, just maybe, you make the healthier decision.  Or how about when you are sitting there on Sunday and you see people posting their food prep pictures.  Maybe it will inspire you to start Food Prep Sunday so you are ready and aren’t tempted with poor food choices because you don’t have anything healthy ready to eat.  Or think of when you’re watching TV and scrolling at the same time and happen to see someone post a pic of their one minute plank.  Maybe on the next commercial you’ll get up and throw down your own one minute plank.  All of these little changes add up to big changes.  This little motivation board might just get you motivated to make continuous small changes over time that will lead to revolutionary changes to your lifestyle.

So who thought of this #pinstagram concept?  Anna & Monica, although a bit by accident. This is how they fell into this concept. “We’d originally conceived of it as a social booking app for boutique fitness classes,” says co-founder Anna Kohanski Mason. “As BurnThis continued to grow, we started receiving many requests from people all over the world. They all wanted the same thing: the ability to share and communicate with each other around fitness more globally.” The app lets you create a profile, put inspiring text on photos, select filters like “Sweaty” and “Accomplish,” and  more.  I can say from personal experience that it couldn’t be easier to post pictures.  In fact if you look closely, you’ll see me in the feed.

Seeing people work hard, reach goals and share their journey or transformations is inspiring.  Plus as you can see there are those quotes that I love so much, you know, the ones I want you to pin to your mirror or refrigerator.  Now you can have a constant feed of inspiration and motivation at your fingertips.

I hope all of you take a look at the app, IT’S FREE!  Just go to the app store and download it to your device and let me know what you think.

You can also check out their website and blog at www.burnthis.com  



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