Hemorrhoids… Yes I’m going there!

Ugh… something lots of people struggle with but nobody wants to talk about…Hemorrhoids.  I’m addressing it right now.  I see so many people not wanting to talk about it and let it go until it’s a painful ugly situation.  There is no need to sweep it under the rug until you’re in a dire circumstance. […]

The Sunshine Vitamin…The Case For Vitamin D

I have talked about Vitamin D in the past, but just wanted to revisit it because I get so many comments about it in the Center here with my patients. We know Vitamin D mostly as the Sunshine Vitamin.  Trouble is that unless you live in specific parts of the world, Vitamin D isn’t always […]

BurnThis App

Today I’m bringing you some inspiration.  We all could use a little inspiration. A new app has been released for your phones and devices, and Bonus… IT’S FREE!  It has been described as #Pinstagram, meaning it is part Pinterest and part Instagram.  What it truly is an ever changing vision board of inspiration and motivation. […]

Big Pharma Marketing To Doctors

I found this clip of John Oliver. Some of you may know John Oliver as the Brit from Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show or John’s own show on HBO, Last Week Tonight.  He did an excellent riff on Big Pharma and Doctors.  The facts laid out are truly mind boggling, but of course he does […]

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