There’s A New Magnesium In Town

There’s a new magnesium in town.  We all know the usual suspects like magnesium citrate which is good especially if you have frequent or chronic constipation.  However, if you tend to have loose bowels, you may want to try the topical spray magnesium oil on the palms and soles.  But, this newly studied magnesium, Magnesium […]

Can Sitting Too Much Kill You?

Have you been hearing about all the research that is coming out about sitting?   We used to be a nation of doers, now we’re a nation of sitters. We are now seeing that not only do we not eat actual real food out of the garden like we did back in the good ole days, […]

Chocolate Muffins

Oh my people you are going to love these chocolate muffins!  They are so moist and delish.  They remind me of my Aunts chocolate cake cookies, but without all the bad stuff. These are great for breakfast or as a snack.  There is no refined sugar and no gluten, but please don’t lose interest here […]

Health Infographics For You!

  Today is going to be just a fun filled day of Infographics for you.  Sometimes you need something quick & easy to drive the point home.  These are also great to print out and put on the refrigerator for daily motivation.  Hopefully these will educate you a little, remind you of what you already […]

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