Most Important Food Documentaries For Your Health

I put this list of documentaries together for you for two reasons.  One is that most people take some time off between Christmas and New Years, so you might carve out some extra time. The second reason is that this is the time of year for reflection and taking a hard look at ourselves and […]

Sugar: How Sweet It Is

Most everyone in this country by now has grown up eating tons of sugar.  Am I right?  It’s difficult to curb a long held sweet tooth.  I’ve written about ending sugar cravings in the blog before (2 Tricks To End Sugar Cravings).  However, there are times you just want something sweet, the Holidays and Birthdays […]

Giving Tuesday

Most people go crazy between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Actually, this year it seems its all the same and lasts the full Holiday weekend. Consuming can be taxing not only on the wallet but also physically and emotionally.  However, there is Giving Tuesday to the rescue!  Giving Tuesday was created to balance all of the consumption […]

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