Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

I see so many people that either don’t eat breakfast or they eat cereal.   Neither is a good choice if you want to maintain or lose weight, stay mentally sharp or have good blood work results year after year.  Starting your day with sugar doesn’t help your brain, your blood sugar, your inflammation or your […]

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The Skinny on Picking the Right Food

Just about everyone wants to eat right for their health and their weight.  However…most people don’t always make the best choices to do so.  It’s a lot of what foods you pick, but also when you eat those foods throughout the day. I see articles in magazines all of the time comparing this item to […]

Spice Up Your Life

One of my main goals is to get everyone to eat actual real whole foods and nothing processed or packaged.  Your meals should consist of some sort of protein with veggies, a little fruit with plenty of healthy fats.  So people start eating plain chicken with a veggie side every day and get bored and […]

Healthy Factoid Report

I pulled together some fun factoids for you to keep you healthy and help you to make better decisions or give you a little kick in the pants. 1. Here’s an easy boost for you by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.  People who spiked their water with three drops of Peppermint […]

Health Foods? Not So Much

I have a lot of respect for those people that come in to see me and are trying to eat healthy.  They tell me all about the changes that they have made in their diet to get healthy.  Yet, I find most of these new “Healthy” foods are not so much healthy.  You see here […]

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