Acupuncture News Update

It’s time for some Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine News.  I’ve put together some recent research that has come to light as to the positive effects acupuncture has on a variety of conditions. Acupuncture Bests Drug For Overactive Bladder One of the conditions that I see an ad for all of the time is for an overactive bladder. […]

The Low Down on Bars…Which Ones Are Healthy?

I see so many people obsessed with bars.  I’m all about eating real whole foods, that is the cleanest and best form of food and nutrition.  The more processed your ingredients are the worse they are for you in terms of nutrition.  Plus the more processed they are the more likely they will cause some […]

Asian Cucumber Salad

This is a great summer salad for you. It’s very refreshing and light so it’s perfect for summer.  It’s even better if you have an abundance of cucumbers coming out of your garden. Cucumbers are very hydrating and are considered a cold food so they are perfect to add to your summer diet. Health Benefits […]

Food Cures: How To Detox Heavy Metals with Food

I see two sets of people. One set comes to me thinking they need to detox everything possible all of the time.  These people want to try every detox under the sun.  It’s my opinion that you don’t want to use harsh detoxes all of the time.  If a situation warrents a detox then I’m […]

The Best (& Safest) Sunscreens To Use

It’s Summer!  We all celebrate summer with it’s sunshine and long days.  We try to spend more time outdoors, at the beach or the pool relaxing and enjoying life a little more this time of year.  We must protect our skin though.  This isn’t the old days when we oiled up with baby oil and […]

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