Your Summer Refresh Plan

My recent post ushered in that Summer feeling.  I gave you a great Creamsicle refresher that will add high quality protein to your day or to start your day or even post-workout recovery.  I’m reminded by many of you that it’s that time.  You know… shorts & tank tops, sundresses and bathing suits for the pool and/or beach.  I’m getting a lot of “it’s time for a diet.”  I hate this word.  Diets don’t work, at least not for the long term.  The real way, the healthy way, is to eat real whole food and cut out the processed “stuff,” I say stuff as it’s clearly not food.  Now it’s time to  move on to more details.  What exactly do you do?

Increase Protein & Veggies & Decrease Sugar. Simple statement but hard for people to follow through. When you’re used to drive thru or nuking your meals, the thought of real food stumps you.  What am I supposed to eat? Well, you’re making it more complicated then it is really.  You just eat a protein source with veggies.  Throw in some fruits and maybe a small amount of dark chocolate & your good to go.  Let’s break it down.

Protein for Breakfast.  Period.  No skipping breakfast people.  If you aren’t a breakfast eater then drink your breakfast.  You probably drink your coffee am I right?  Then you can drink your breakfast.  And just to clarify when I say breakfast I’m not talking cereal and pop-tarts here.  We are talking protein.  You can have eggs eight ways to Sunday.  It could be scrambled, omelette, poached, frittatas, hard boiled or just rolled in with last night’s leftovers.  Or if you feel like you can’t make time for breakfast (?) then have a Vital Whey protein shake or throw together a Vital Whey Protein pancake. Just a side note here…I’m a stickler for the Vital Whey Protein.  Most whey proteins on the market are so highly processed that they make you gassy and the proteins have been denatured so are not readily absorbable.  Most vegan proteins available test very high in heavy metals, mostly due to the rice protein they contain.  Vital Whey is a minimally processed clean protein source that not only contains bioavailable protein but also immune boosting immunoglobulins as well. I have recipes throughout the blog for ideas. PS, I’m working on getting you a Vital Whey Pancake Recipe and a Chai Latte w/ the rich tasting Vital Whey.  I can’t wait to bring you that in the next couple of weeks, so look out for it!

Lunch should be your biggest meal of the day.  Lots of veggies and protein.  Whether it is wild caught fish, pastured poultry, beef or eggs, you should have a good quality protein.  Secondly, you should be loading up on veggies.  The more veggies the better.  I don’t worry so much about calories if you are eating all real whole foods.  Now, if you smother things in dressings and sauces, that’s another story altogether. Remember, ranch dressing is processed and generally speaking is not real food.

I usually recommend fruit as your snack items throughout the day.  When you crave a snack you usually want something sweet anyway so fruit fits the bill. Otherwise, nuts are a great alternative.

The last bit of the summer puzzle is to get moving.  Commit to walking or running at least 12 miles a week. Hopefully you will do most of this outside rather than on the treadmill.  I want you out in nature because it’s good for your brain chemicals and neurotransmitters. Being outdoors is a good stress reliever. You also can get a hit of natural Vitamin D which can boost your mood as well. Secondly, hold a plank for 1 minute every day.  To plank you come up on all fours, body in a straight line, meaning, your booty is not sticking up in the air but level between your shoulders and your ankles.  Now, if this starts feeling comfortable, you can first build some time here by going for up to 5 minutes or drop down to your forearms.  This engages the core more and is more difficult.  Now let’s be clear here, throwing in a yoga class, a strength training session, a spin class or a boxing class is excellent.  These basic tips are just that, the base.  Cover your 12 miles a week and your 1 minute plank a day and you can put a big red check mark for the day in your calendar.  However, if you can do more, by all means go for it. More power to you! But for those that have let the exercise slide, this is a simple way to get back to it.  Nothing complicated, just get moving and building some strength. By marking your calendar each day you will develop a habit again of moving your body every day.

Let me know how you do with your planks and walking!  And as always let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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