Protein Pancakes

One of the best ways to manage overall health as well as weight, especially that mid-section, is to start your day with protein.  The protein first thing in the morning does a couple of things for you.  One it sets the tone for your blood sugar for the day.  If you start with protein it’s much more stable throughout the day.  Secondly, protein will start to rev your metabolism, which is something we all like!

I recommend switching things up so you don’t get bored with breakfast or food in general.  You can do eggs every which way as well as smoothies.  But sometimes on the weekend you want something different, special maybe.  Well, here’s a recipe for you.  And I can say the kids will like it as well.

I’ve seen protein pancake recipes around other blogs for some time now.  The problem is they never tasted good enough or the texture was just off to me.  So, I’ve been tweaking the recipe over the last month or so to get the flavor and texture to my liking.  This is especially important for the kids. They like what they like, you know what I mean?!

***Be sure to scroll down below the recipe to see the specifics.  We don’t want junk ingredients when we are trying to get healthy. I break down each ingredient so you understand why it’s in the recipe and how to pick the healthiest varieties.

So, here’s the recipe:

2 Eggs

1 Banana, smashed

1 Scoop Vital Whey Vanilla

1 Tablespoon Jam or Fruit Spread (I used strawberry, but pick your fave)

1/8 teaspoon of Pink Salt

Mix ingredients and cook in a skillet just like regular pancakes.  Let the pancake sit until the edges begin to dry and the batter starts to bubble, then flip. You can melt a little pastured butter in the pan if you need.

Serve with fresh fruit.

I usually just eat these with the fruit and maybe some butter.  I don’t use maple syrup on them.  They have plenty of flavor without the sugar.  However, if you want to use maple flavor, I recommend Shady Maple Farms Maple Butter.  It’s organic and it’s just real maple syrup that has been whipped into a butter consistency.  You can control the amount you use better this way.  It won’t saturate your pancakes with sugar, but will give you a strong maple flavor.

Now, the down low on the ingredients.

The eggs should be pastured eggs from a local farmer or Vital Eggs are great eggs as well and are usually available at health food stores or Whole Foods

The whey protein should be Vital Whey. Vital Whey is minimally processed and so still has a variety of immune factors still active in the whey.  It is also hormone free and grass fed. They don’t add many ingredients to the whey like many other brands do.   It only contains whey, vanilla, stevia and gum acacia (sap from the acacia tree).

The jam or fruit spread should be mostly just fruit and hopefully organic.  Most people will choose a berry jam or spread so it’s important that it is organic as berries, especially strawberries, contain high levels of pesticides. You want to try and find a jam or spread that is mostly fruit and has only 3 or 4 ingredients max on the label.

Please use Pink Salt and not Morton. Morton Salt is the salt your doctor wants you to limit. Pink Salt is a whole other ball of wax with great health and healing properties. Using the salt will help to bring out the sweetness of the pancakes, so don’t skip it.

You can have these for breakfast or as an after workout snack to help your body to recover and rebuild muscle. I’ve actually had these for dinner several times while I was testing out the recipe.  They are definitely filling and stay with you for hours.  You won’t be hungry again in an hour like traditional pancakes.

Try them out and let me know what you think.

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