Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Pain…

I thought I might chime in on this subject.  I was recently reading a newsletter that had some pretty interesting quotes.  Check this out…

Globally, 1 out of 10 people suffer from lower back pain.  It’s also the number 1 cause of job disability worldwide.

In the US, back pain accounts for 10% of primary care office visits and costs about 86 billion annually.  Yikes!

The Western Medical answers are generally physical therapy, painkillers and/or surgery.  Not always great options.

These are some scary numbers.  This is a huge financial burden on the economy, but worse yet, that so many people suffer in pain every day.

Instead of suffering, why not try some alternative treatments that might actually make you feel better before you dive into chronic use of painkillers or even worse surgery.  That would be my last resort!

I typically use a combination approach with great results. The combination of treatments that I use are dependent on what exactly is the root of your issue. But for basic back pain I usually use a combination of acupuncture with cupping.  The acupuncture helps to move the qi and blood in the area, releases pain killing endorphins and other feel good chemicals and makes your back feel better with better range of motion.  Secondly, I would use the cupping to relax the tight muscles in the back especially if you are experiencing muscle spasms.  If you have a herniation then I would add laser therapy as that will tend to help reduce the inflammation and resolve the pain.

I also include a number of stretches that help to relieve back pain.  Most of use sit too much day to day.  Between work, the car and the couch, not to mention most people sleep curled up, we tend to create imbalances in muscles, connective tissue and fascia that generate pain.  So it is important to stretch yourself out to even out the flexibility between the front side and the back side of the body, particularly your hip flexors.  When the hip flexors get tight or shorten up on you, it generally will cause back pain issues.

The last approach if you are willing is to add herbal prescriptions specific to back pain relief whether it is a herniation, spasms, or injury.  There are many formulations specific to various types of back pain.  It’s just a matter of choosing the proper formula(s) for you.

I think it is worth a try before getting into prescription painkillers which can be addictive or dangerous and definitely worth a try before going under the knife!

If you need a little more convincing there is vast amounts of research supporting the use of acupuncture, cupping and Chinese Herbal Medicine to relieve back pain.

Click through to check out just a few:

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If you have any questions concerning acupuncture or any of the treatments, just leave a comment.



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    • The specific herbal depends on the root cause or source of the pain, disc problem, herniation, muscle spasm, trauma etc. I usually recommend an herbal formula though rather than single herbs for this type of case. Unfortunately, there is no standard answer, in Chinese Medicine it’s always patient specific. However, they do help to resolve the pain.

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