Why I Drink Green Tea & 10 Reasons You Should Too!

People ask me this question all the time.  Why do you always drink green tea?  At the gym people always comment it looks like I’m drinking pee, while they drink electric blue sports drinks!  Now I’ve written before about these electric blue sports drinks and what they do to the body (nothing’ good!), but now let me tell you why I drink green tea.

Well, first is obvious, I think it’s super refreshing.  Especially at the gym when I’m huffing and puffing and sweating, nothing feels better than cold green tea.

But really, there are tons of health benefits.  Some of these may appeal to you.  These bennies come straight from authorities like WebMD, Harvard and Joseph Mercola, who have the research to back up their claims.  So let’s get started!

1.  Polyphenols including Catechins.  These are just powerful antioxidants.  The main catechin is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). These prevent aging and disease at the cellular level.  We encounter oxidative stress all day.  The air, food, water, chemicals in our environment and even working out cause oxidative stress in the body.  So by continually drinking green tea throughout the day I am countering this oxidative stress and hopefully preserving all my cells and keeping me young and healthy!

2. Green Tea helps to improve blood flow.  This is important for all of your body systems, but especially the cardiovascular system and the brain function.

3. Weight Loss.  Oh, I got you there, eh? Studies show that it can help to increase metabolism so that you burn more calories from fat.  Who wouldn’t want a little of that?

4. Diabetes. Green tea helps to keep your blood sugar stable. It helps to improve your insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels.

5. Lower Cholesterol.  Green tea or its catechins help to lower cholesterol.  It may actually lower total cholesterol, but it helps to raise HDL, the good cholesterol.  Just a related side note here, it also helps to control blood pressure.

6. Brain Health.  One study showed people who drank green tea had more activity in the working memory area of the brain.  And here’s a biggy… studies show it helps block the formation of plaque that is associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

7. Protect Your Teeth.  It seems the catechins kill the bacteria in your mouth that causes plaque to form which contributes to cavities.

8. Mental Health.  This is more for the hot green tea, the ritual of taking a breath and sipping a cup of tea is enough to release stress. Curling up in your big chair with a cup of hot tea is always calming.

9.  Cancer.  Well, concerning cancer you can find about everything.  There are some conflicting reviews.  However, there are plenty of studies that reflect a positive impact on the growth & developement of a variety of cancers as well as its ability to reduce cancer risk.  My view on conflicting reviews is be proactive, not reactive.  If there are enough studies out there that show that green tea will prevent or slow cancer development, why would you not drink it.  I mean you are doing no harm and it has a ton of other benefits so what’s the harm in drinking it?

10.  It’s refreshing, tastes great, contains no chemicals or dyes, and won’t cause inflammation like most other commercial drinks.

Here are a few little notes when it comes to green tea.  You don’t want to pour boiling water over the tea to steep it, you’ll kill off the catechins, which hold much of the health benefits, in the tea.

I would also recommend preferably organic or a high quality of green tea. Cheaper mass produced green teas tend to have less healing compounds and more contaminates like fluoride. I personally mostly use the Prince of Peace Organic Jasmine Green Tea.

Adding a squeeze of fresh lemon not only adds vitamin C but also helps you to absorb more of the catechins.

Always make it fresh.  When you buy the pre-made stuff in the bottles and cans, most of the catechins have been destroyed.

This is one easy step that everyone can do to improve their health immensely.  It’s easy, it’s tasty and healthy. Go for it.

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