Creamsicle Smoothie

We had the first real weekend of summer here in Florida, so I was inspired! I wanted something that would be refreshing for summer.  However, this is the time of year when we pull out the shorts and tank tops, the cute sundresses and oh ya, the bathing suit for the pool and the beach.  This is the time of year that it hits you again where you start thinking about your diet.  Maybe you should start “dieting.”  I hate that word!  Diets don’t work, at least long term.  The best action is to start eating real food.  Make sure you are getting good quality protein in the morning.  Up your fruit & veggie intake and eliminate processed foods.  This will get you to a healthy weight!

Ok, back to the point here, I put together a refreshing smoothie that is perfect for hot weather and will work great for breakfast or post workout recovery.  It has that perfect summer refreshingly clean fresh smooth taste.  Remember, you need to take in plenty of protein to build muscle and rev metabolism.  Plus protein for breakfast helps to keep your blood sugar balanced for the day which also helps with maintaining weight as well as health.



Here’s the recipe:

1 cup Raw Milk (or Almond, Coconut or Hemp Milk)

1/3 cup of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

1 Scoop of Vital Whey Vanilla Protein Powder

4 Chunks of Frozen Pineapple

1 Sliced Frozen Banana

Blend until Smooth.  Enjoy!


Just a couple of notes here.

1. I prefer raw milk if you drink milk, if not, then use your favorite milk alternative. I’m not a big fan of processed milk that has been pasteurized and homogenized.  If you are dairy free then, any milk alternative but soy is fine. Most soy is genetically modified and can interfere with proper thyroid function and hormone balance.
2. Please use fresh squeezed orange juice. The goal is to use as much fresh real food as possible.  1/3 cup is usually the juice from one average sized orange.  Also, try to get organic whenever possible.
3. Not all protein powders are equal.  Most are highly processed with extremely high heat multiple times in addition to processing with acid. The protein that I use in the Center is minimally processed and so still contains the immune boosting components of raw milk. The protein is still intact as opposed to others which get denatured with the extreme processing.
4.  I like to have my fruit frozen.  I always have sliced bananas in the freezer for smoothies along with pineapples, mangos, and berries.  If your fruit is frozen then you don’t need to add ice to the smoothies.  I hate adding ice to smoothies because I feel like it dilutes the rich flavor.  If the fruit is frozen you get that cold thick smoothie texture. However, if you don’t have frozen fruit for this recipe add a couple of ice cubes.
Try this out and let me know how you like it. Cheers to a great summer!
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