Anti-Aging: Do This One Thing To Slow Aging

The one thing in this world that really ages us and we consume WAY too much of it… Sugar.

We spend billions a year on procedures to turn the clock back.  We spend even more on lotions, potions and tools to do the same.  What nobody thinks about is what you are doing everyday to negate these efforts.  Think of how young you could look if you combined anti-aging on the inside as well as on the outside. Let’s look at what we’re talking about here.

When sugar reacts with amino acids or protein in the body you get AGE’s (advanced glycation end products).  Sugar AGE’s you to death…oh my! It cracks me up that one of the things that ages us is AGE’s! AGE’s is the stuff that stiffens your collagen & elastin which only leads to wrinkles and sagging. Do you need much more motivation than that to help you stop with the excess sugar binging?  I wouldn’t think so.   What’s more is that research is starting to appear that also links these AGE’s to other aging concerns like Cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. That should further your resolve to get off of this crack.

So how does this work? Regarding AGE’s, when sugar reacts with proteins and lipids they create a chemical known generally as AGE’s.  These AGE’s react in the body causing damage to tissue.  It damages collagen & elastin which visually ages you, but also cells in the vascular system that contributes to chronic disease.

Secondly, sugar contributes to other chronic diseases and weight gain.  A little science reminder here for a second. Sugar is made up of glucose and fructose.  Every cell in your body including your brain uses glucose for energy.  Most of it gets burned up for energy, but fructose gets processed by the liver and is mostly converted into fatty acids, VLDL (the harmful cholesterol) & triglycerides, which get stored as fat. You can break it down like this…

120 calories of glucose =<1 calorie stored as fat, where 120 calories of fructose = 40 calories stored as fat.  Oh My!

Metabolism of fructose in the liver also creates uric acid which contributes to not only gaining weight but also hypertension, vascular disease & Gout.  Chronic high levels of fructose metabolism by the liver can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  There is no two ways about it, this crack ages you, and ages you fast.

So let’s summarize here… Sugar makes your collagen & elastin stiff & brittle so your skin ages by wrinkling and sagging, it contributes to making you fat (gotta love that!), it contributes to the major chronic age related degenerative diseases, plus gout!  Yep, I’m pretty sure if you put a copy of this post in the candy drawer you’ll think twice about that sugar!

Instead train and convert yourself to eat natural sugars from real whole food. Try instead to eat apples, stone fruits and berries.  They come with a whole host benefits that not only fight this aging but help to prevent oxidative stress that increases aging as well.

Honestly, there are a whole host of things that can contribute to accelerating the aging process, but sugar is a big one, and not just Aging on the Outside, but Aging on the Inside!


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