Chocolate Sunflower Smoothie

I love my smoothies!  I start almost everyday with a smoothie because they are quick & easy and they start your day off right. Sometimes you can get into a bit of a rut with your recipes though.  Do you tend to make the same one over and over because you can do it in your sleep and not have to think about it too much?  This is a definite yes for me.  It’s good to mix things up though.  When you mix things up you get more of a variety of nutrients that the body needs to function properly. So I came up with a new smoothie last night. I think you’ll like this one!  I made it for breakfast again this morning, but this time I added some Well Wisdom Whey to boost my morning protein intake.  This smoothie is very high in vitamins and minerals to power your body through the day.  Here it goes.

What You’ll Need:

1 cup of Milk.  I use raw milk, but you can use almond, coconut or hemp milk if you would like.  Just stay away from pasteurized dairy milk.

2-3 Medjool Dates, pitted.  Dates are high in Potassium, Magnesium, B-6, and Iron

1 Tablespoon Raw Cacao.   Raw Cacao is high in Manganese, Magnesium, and Iron.

1 1/2 Tablespoons MaraNatha Sunflower Seed Butter.   Sunflower Seed Butter is high in Vitamin E, Magnesium & Iron.

1 Scoop of Natural or Vanilla Well Wisdom Whey Protein if desired.

a Pinch of Premier Pink Salt

2 Ice Cubes.  Only because I like my smoothies ice cold.

Blend until smooth.

Another great boost with this smoothie is the fiber.  Most people are not getting enough fiber in their diets these days…too much processed food and sugar snacks.  The ideal intake should be 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men.  The average consumption? 15 grams.  This smoothie should give you about 10 grams of fiber.  That’s a decent start to your day.

Just a note, I always have the staples for you here at the Center and the fresh ingredients should be in your local health food store or Whole Foods.  If you need help with any of the ingredients, just let me know.

Try this and let me know what you think.  And have fun with this, once you try it a few times start tweaking it to your tastes and come up with your own amazing creation!


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