Workout Rescue! Take the Pain out of Your Workout

Alright, so I know you all have seen the pictures floating around comparing what the gym looks like in December compared to what it looks like in January! When January rolls around people are full of resolution & drive to get fit in the new year.   The first thing that happens is that you wake up so sore you have trouble getting out of bed. Am I right here?  Then for those driven individuals who continue through, that old knee injury starts to flare again trying to slow you down.  I’m here to help you recover faster and keep you moving. Chinese medicine is great at helping athletes and weekend warriors I promise you that!

First up, Acupuncture, obviously, can help increase blood flow to loosen tight sore muscles as well as increase endorphin release to eliminate or minimize pain. Come more frequently, once a week, during times of pain, and then stay on it once a month to keep you in good shape and help to prevent injuries or recover faster if something does actually happen.

Next up, Cupping!  There is nothing better than cupping on sore tired shoulders and the low back. When you are building strength & muscle, your muscles will get tight and sore, it’s a fact.  Cupping helps to work that tightness out quickly.  You should feel pretty immediate results with cupping.

Now we have Topicals.  I am a lover of topicals because they are a big part of your at home self care routine. Topicals are great because you can use them before, during or after a workout or just wear them while your sleeping.  They generally help to heal tissues and alleviate pain and swelling between acupuncture visits.  It’s sort of a “To-Go” treatment.  Most topicals that I have are Chinese medicine based (but not all!).

Zheng Gu Shui is a nice topical that I use for pain.  It is for temporary use, so I often swap it with another remedy. It’s a great spray for pain relief before, during or after a workout.

Wu Yang Patches are herbal patches that affix to your skin.  You can wear them for up to 8 hours so many will wear them while they sleep.  The patch consists of a Chinese paste formula that is spread over a cloth and cut into patches.  This patch helps to alleviate pain, increase local blood flow and heal damaged tissues.

Dit Da Jow is a great ancient secret. Martial artists originally developed this topical formula to help with their martial arts practice.  Today I mostly use it for bruising.

A Western remedy that I find works really well for tight muscles is Magnesim Spray.  It helps to relax the muscles and soothe the nerves. The nice thing about the spray is you completely bypass the gastrointestinal tract so there is no worry that getting too much will send you to the restroom for a day.  Also if you feel like you are deficient in Magnesium, you can just spray the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands to be directly absorbed through the skin.  The skin is great at absorbing topical magnesium.

Hyaluronic Acid is another great remedy that I use topically.  I have some people say that it helps with pain, but I find the most success with using it topically on tendonitis.  It seems to work really quickly for any kind of tendonitis, which is common when people all of a sudden start over using something in a new workout like elbows, shoulders, knees, etc. It really doesn’t have a smell so that is an added bonus.

Now, I know that this is supposed to be about topicals, but I just wanted to mention a couple of herbal formulas that I commonly use with athletes, weekend warriors or people who are new or returning to an active lifestyle.

First is the Great Mender which is great for speeding the healing process of muscles, tendons & ligaments.  It’s easy to take and works really well.

Plus I like to add Whey protein to the day.  You can drink it in the morning for a good shot of easily digested protein or use it within 30 minutes of a workout to aid in muscle recovery. Just a little note here, as I have written about this in the past, not all Whey Protein is created equal. The label should read no hormone and grass-fed plus it should have measurable amounts of serum albumin, lactoferrin and immunoglobulins still viable and measured. This helps to ensure it is minimally processed.  Most of the whey products on the market are highly processed and denatured and can cause gastrointestinal distress.

This should get you on the road to fitness and feel amazing and injury free while you’re doing it.

If you have questions or want further info just comment, message me on the Contact Us Page, or call the office, I want to help!


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